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Jun 22, 2014, 12:20:44 PM (6 years ago)
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Use TracIni macro. Refs #11658.


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    3030These are the available options for the `[notification]` section in trac.ini.
    32  * '''`smtp_enabled`''': Enable email notification.
    33  * '''`smtp_from`''': Email address to use for ''Sender''-headers in notification emails.
    34  * '''`smtp_from_name`''': Sender name to use for ''Sender''-headers in notification emails.
    35  * '''`smtp_from_author`''': (''since 1.0'') Use the author of a change (the reporter of a new ticket, or the author of a comment) as the `From:` header value in notification e-mails (default: false). If the author hasn't set an e-mail address, `smtp_from` and `smtp_from_name` are used instead.
    36  * '''`smtp_replyto`''': Email address to use for ''Reply-To''-headers in notification emails.
    37  * '''`smtp_default_domain`''': (''since 0.10'') Append the specified domain to addresses that do not contain one. Fully qualified addresses are not modified. The default domain is appended to all username/login for which an email address cannot be found from the user settings.
    38  * '''`smtp_always_cc`''': List of email addresses to always send notifications to. ''Typically used to post ticket changes to a dedicated mailing list.''
    39  * '''`smtp_always_bcc`''': (''since 0.10'') List of email addresses to always send notifications to, but keeps addresses not visible from other recipients of the notification email
    40  * '''`smtp_subject_prefix`''': (''since 0.10.1'') Text that is inserted before the subject of the email. Set to "!__default!__" by default, to mean a prefix like ''[project_name]''.
    41  * '''`always_notify_reporter`''':  Always send notifications to any address in the reporter field (default: false).
    42  * '''`always_notify_owner`''': (''since 0.9'') Always send notifications to the address in the owner field (default: false).
    43  * '''`always_notify_updater`''': (''since 0.10'') Always send notifications to the person who causes the ticket property change and to any previous updater of that ticket (default: true).
    44  * '''`use_public_cc`''': (''since 0.10'') Addresses in To: (owner, reporter) and Cc: lists are visible by all recipients (default is ''Bcc:'' - hidden copy).
    45  * '''`use_short_addr`''': (''since 0.10'') Enable delivery of notifications to addresses that do not contain a domain (i.e. do not end with ''@<domain.com>'').This option is useful for intranets, where the SMTP server can handle local addresses and map the username/login to a local mailbox. See also `smtp_default_domain`. Do not use this option with a public SMTP server.
    46  * '''`ignore_domains`''': (''since 0.11'') Comma-separated list of domains that should not be considered part of email addresses (for usernames with Kerberos domains).
    47  * '''`admit_domains`''': (''since 0.11'') Comma-separated list of domains that should be considered as valid for email addresses (such as localdomain).
    48  * '''`mime_encoding`''': (''since 0.10'') This option allows selecting the MIME encoding scheme. Supported values:
    49    * `none`: default value, uses 7bit encoding if the text is plain ASCII, or 8bit otherwise.
    50    * `base64`: works with any kind of content. May cause some issues with touchy anti-spam/anti-virus engines.
    51    * `qp` or `quoted-printable`: best for european languages (more compact than base64) if 8bit encoding cannot be used.
    52  * '''`ambiguous_char_width`''': (''since 0.12.2'') Which width of ambiguous characters (e.g. 'single' or 'double') should be used in the table of notification mail. If 'single', the same width as characters in US-ASCII. This is expected by most users. If 'double', twice the width of US-ASCII characters. This is expected by CJK users.
    53  * '''`ticket_subject_template`''': (''since 0.11'') A [http://genshi.edgewall.org/wiki/Documentation/text-templates.html Genshi text template] snippet used to get the notification subject.
    54  * '''`batch_subject_template`''': (since 1.0) Like ticket_subject_template but for batch modifications.
    55  * '''`email_sender`''': (''since 0.12'') Name of the component implementing `IEmailSender`. This component is used by the notification system to send emails. Trac currently provides the following components:
    56    * `SmtpEmailSender`: connects to an SMTP server (default).
    57    * `SendmailEmailSender`: runs a `sendmail`-compatible executable.
    59 Either '''`smtp_from`''' or '''`smtp_replyto`''' (or both) ''must'' be set, otherwise Trac refuses to send notification mails.
    61 The following options are specific to email delivery through SMTP.
    62  * '''`smtp_server`''': SMTP server used for notification messages.
    63  * '''`smtp_port`''': (''since 0.9'') Port used to contact the SMTP server.
    64  * '''`smtp_user`''': (''since 0.9'') User name for authentication SMTP account.
    65  * '''`smtp_password`''': (''since 0.9'') Password for authentication SMTP account.
    66  * '''`use_tls`''': (''since 0.10'') Toggle to send notifications via a SMTP server using [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security TLS], such as GMail.
    68 The following option is specific to email delivery through a `sendmail`-compatible executable.
    69  * '''`sendmail_path`''': (''since 0.12'') Path to the sendmail executable. The sendmail program must accept the `-i` and `-f` options.
    7134=== Example Configuration (SMTP) ===