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    1414for contrasting this approach to an alternative approach
    1515described in TracMultipleProjects/SingleEnvironment.
     17  MikeC sez: OK, I'm discussing.  I find two things onerous about the current support
     18  for multiple projects.  As described in the comment cited above, our multiple
     19  projects are separate (different customers).  The project directory structure here
     20  lends itself to using similar paths:  `\\server\projectID\Software\Trac`  would be
     21  ideal for each projectID on the server -- but the current implementation would
     22  not see the second directory.  This is an annoying restriction, and I don't see
     23  a good reason for it.  As it is, I need to name each environment's directory with
     24  a unique label.
     26  The other onerous thing is having to specify each environment on the tracd command
     27  line -- under Windows with the standalone server, this requires editing
     28  the registry to add (or remove) a new project environment, and not only does the
     29  list get unwieldy but it can easily grow to be too long to be accepted under Windows.
     30  At the least, tracd should accept a file that contains the list of
     31  environments.  Better would be a putting the environment list inside the
     32  Trac.ini file of the default (master) environment.  Best would be adding an admin
     33  control panel to add and remove environments dynamically.
    1735Note that the two approaches are actually complementary.