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     1= Localization (L10N) of Trac =
     3This page is here to propose and discuss Trac changes to support localization (L10N).
     5== Possible Goals ==
     7First of all let's define '''all possible''' goals. Feel free to add your own. It is understood that not all of them can be necessarily implemented.
     9=== Wiki ===
     11 * We need an easy way to translate wiki pages. It should help and '''encourage''' people to translate a particular page into their native language.
     12 * It should be possible to quickly switch between different versions of the same page. May be we should give the possibility to compare different versions on one page.
     13 * We have to give the way to set the prefered language.
     14 * There should be a way to quickly check if the translation is current with respect to the original (English) version.
     16=== Interface ===
     18For the project to be localized, the actual interface would have to be translated as well.  How difficult would it be to translate the interface to say, Japanese?  If possible it should be a user preference, which may require some additional changes.  If possible it may be best if one could come up with an array of the most important terms derived from the wiki pages described below to be used in auto translating the interface.
     20=== Terms (Definitions) ===
     22Consistent and careful translation of terms like [wiki:TracTimeline timeline], [wiki:TracTickets ticket], [wiki:TracReports report] is very important. These
     23terms are used everywhere and must be easy to remember and comfortable to use.
     25The way to make up good translations of important terms is to discuss them before using everywhere. The easiest way to accomplish it is to set up wiki pages for different languages. See, for example, TracTermsRu. Add your own using TracTermsEn as an example.
     27== Other Implementations ==
     29How does other software (especially wiki-software) deal with the problem of L10N?
     30This section is devoted to describing and linking existing solutions.
     32=== Wikipedia ===
     34The famous [http://www.wikipedia.org Wikipedia] has a huge collection of translations.
     35How do they do it?
     37=== Your Own Example ===
     39Please add your own example here.