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Platform-specific Documentation

This is an index of pages describing how to install, upgrade and run Trac on specific platforms and operating systems. These pages have been written by users who have successfully installed Trac on those platforms, but they may be out of date or inaccurate. This is why they contain the following notice:

Caveat: this page is not necessarily up to date…

As a general advice for any platform specific installation guide like this one, you should first make sure that the tips given here are not out of date with respect to the generic instructions given in TracInstall and TracUpgrade. The latter are documenting either the latest stable version of Trac, or the one about to be released (0.12 as of this writing). If you're planning to install an older version of Trac, have a look at the corresponding archived pages, for example:

If you encounter problems in the instructions, please consider taking the time to fix or update the page in question.

Linux Platforms

Note: If you are running on a Linux distro that includes SELinux, please read TracWithSeLinux.

Other UNIX Platforms

Mac OS X

Windows Platforms

See also: TracInstall, TracGuide, TracFaq

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.