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presentation of the intent of these pages

Trac ideas and suggestions

Organized by topics, this is a new free for all discussion area in the Trac wiki. Typically, these pages should collect short, precise and actionable items, a bit like a giant structured TODO list. You may notice typos in the code, a glitch in the CSS, noticed an annoying behavior … but don't feel this is worth creating a ticket, then this is the place!

  • DefaultTheme — all things about the CSS and the default layout

Note: the TracDev/ScratchPad pages are similar in intent in such that they try to address sub-systems as a whole instead of focusing on a particular issue like we usually do in a single ticket, but they are more developer oriented, like for discussing technicalities about how to refactor the code for greater flexibility or performance. The present TracIdeas/ pages are really meant to collect constructive feedback from the users (or from the developers as users!).

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.