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Jul 20, 2012, 3:52:09 PM (10 years ago)
Christian Boos

remove request about folding custom fields (changed on /demo-0.13 the name of custom fields to make it clear they are examples)


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    1414 - we need a #resourcepath for most pages, not just #pagepath for Wiki view (so that we have it in Wiki edit, history ... but also for tickets (sub-tickets ready), see ticket:7197#comment:10)
    1515 - in the YTB, add an "Edit" inline button if the action is permitted; the trick is that this should just jump to the description textarea further down the page (opening the Modify Ticket section)
    16  - Please, make 'API changes' and 'Release Notes' collapsable plus collapsed by default. At present, the 'New Ticket' form is overbloated, and both fields are programmer-specific and we use the tickets also for non-programming things. --Sven
    17    * those fields are specific to t.e.o (custom fields), and if you use tickets where those fields wouldn't apply, then I think you're looking for the "ticket-type specific custom fields" feature, #2464
    18      * sorry, playing at the demo site I thought both fields are features of 1.0. My fault, I suppose you can remove this issue from this page again.
    1916 - ...