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Trac Download

Trac is released under the modified BSD license. For installation instructions, see TracInstall or the included INSTALL file. See TracUpgrade if you're simply upgrading from a previous release.

Latest Stable Release for the 0.12.x line - 0.12

Here's the latest and greatest version of Trac, the 0.12 Babel release. See the release notes for details.

Tar package

md5sum: 3e8fabbaf8fe889e9c03a7dff09d5d05

Windows Zip package

md5sum: 4d7edf70f41e2c2b1264ddd8239be1d9

Windows installer

md5sum: 7d0af6aed6a42885daa251accc321552

Older Releases

Latest Stable Release for the 0.11.x line - 0.11.7

0.11.7 is a new stable maintenance release. It contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements. See the release notes for details.

Tar package

md5sum: 3cd96dad0e4f25d977c422fd6e985e99

Windows Zip package

md5sum: 74a7917596a6315a86a9e10e66e99140

Windows installer

md5sum: e487257fc1199535805bc65983e21cba

Latest Stable Release for the 0.10.x line - 0.10.5

Note that the 0.10.x release line is no longer maintained - use 0.11.x for new installations and upgrade to 0.11.x if possible.

Tar package

Windows Zip package

Windows installer

Even Older Releases

Older releases and auxiliary files are archived on the FTP server:

Each release is also tagged in the subversion repository:

Latest Development Source Code

We use Subversion for source revision control and code sharing.

The Subversion repository URL for the Trac project is at:


For further instructions on how to use Subversion, see The Subversion Book.

Trac 0.13dev

The latest revision for the trunk version of Trac (currently 0.13dev) can be checked out with the following command:

svn co http://svn.edgewall.org/repos/trac/trunk trac

(https: also works)

Be sure to read 0.13/TracUpgrade and 0.13/TracInstall for the specific installation instructions for this version.

Trac 0.12-stable

The latest revision for the stable version of Trac 0.12 can be checked out from the 0.12-stable branch with the following command:

svn co http://svn.edgewall.org/repos/trac/branches/0.12-stable 0.12dev

Installation can be performed as usual, using for example the following command:

cd 0.12dev
python setup.py install

Alternatively, you can directly "easy-install" the latest stable version from the repository:

easy_install http://svn.edgewall.org/repos/trac/branches/0.12-stable

easy_install is a script provided by the SetupTools.

Installing versions from checkouts

It's perfectly doable to run Trac directly from a checkout, and that's indeed very useful while developing (see TracDev/DevelopmentEnvironmentSetup).

You can also install a development version, either using the normal installation procedure, or by installing it at a specific location. We recommend that you choose some well visible place (e.g. /opt/trac-0.12dev), and override the PYTHONPATH environment variable (or PythonPath path directive for mod_python) by prepending the /opt/trac-0.12dev/lib/python2.4/site-packages path (replace 2.4 by the Python version that you actually use). That way, you minimize the risk of interferences with the packaged Trac version you probably already have.

cd 0.12-stable
python setup.py install --prefix=/opt/trac-0.12dev


export PYTHONPATH=/opt/trac-0.12dev/lib/python2.4/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH

or, in your httpd.conf:

<Location /projects/myproject>
  PythonPath "['/opt/trac-0.12dev/lib/python2.4/site-packages'] + sys.path"

See also: TracProject, TracGuide.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.