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Change History for TracDev/UnicodeGuidelines

Version Date Author Comment
12 7 years figaro Cosmetic changes, removed dead link
11 15 years Christian Boos Add some additional information about unicode at system boundaries
10 16 years Christian Boos Added links to the specific pages explaining the unicode related exception
9 17 years Christian Boos Answer to James Mills' question
8 17 years prologic@… Added a question clarifiying the scope of to_unicode
7 17 years simon@… linkfix
6 17 years Christian Boos Some updates concerning trac.util.text and several links to examples …
5 17 years Christian Boos cosmetic change: code blocks flushed left
4 17 years Christian Boos Several typos fixed + link to unicode related issues added
3 17 years ErikRose Fixed some punctuation.
2 17 years Christopher Lenz A couple of typos fixed
1 17 years Christian Boos Some guidelines about the new unicode inside way