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Jul 24, 2010, 11:30:03 PM (13 years ago)
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add an initial logo draft to help visually "selling" the idea


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    11= Trusted Trac =
    2 (hey, isn't it a cool label?)
     2(isn't it a cool label?)
    44This is a draft about pushing Trac to a new level of confidence in user supplied data, witch may be especially valuable in commercial/cooperate setups. It is not so much about whole new code but clever integration of existing features of Trac or Trac plugins. In the end we can trust in user identities backed by one or several Webs of Trust (community-based PGP key chain, CAcert issued X.509 certificate, etc.) and may get i.e. near zero ticket and wiki SPAM without any SPAM filtering as a side-effect. Tight registration control, timed automatic deactivation of unverified user accounts and accounts with expired PGP key respectively certificate, all just a matter of choice.
    6 == Trusted Trac Notification ==
     8== Concept details ==
     9=== Trusted Trac Notification ===
    710(put references on existing/upcoming implementations for [ticket:8294 Trac] and [th:wiki:AnnouncerPlugin/MessageEncryption] here)
    9 == Registration/new user process ==
     12=== Registration/new user process ===
    1013(add description along the lines of Carsten Klein's idea from 23-Jul-2010 on IRC channel #trac here)
    12 == Editor identity verification ==
     15=== Editor identity verification ===
    1316(develop handshake models for checking any user input)
     18== Implementation ==
     19There's nothing more done right now than collecting ideas. As I feel wiki is not the best for conceptual discussions, that are not worth being preserved to eternity, I'd rather see them at the mailing-list and IRC channel #trac than at this page. We could still have pointers to mailing-list postings we feel most important later on. Most importantly it should produce hints on further develop of plugins, that may provide parts of the final infrastructure. Down the road ..., well we'll see, when we are there.