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TracDev ToDo List

This page clarifies the ongoing development activity in the TracTeam.


Urgent Not Urgent
Important A 20 B 62
Not Important C 30 D 900

Not evaluated: 23

Code contributions

  • Tickets with patch keyword (initial patch proposed):

By milestone: 1.7.1 #1660,​13273, 1.5.4 #13464, next-dev-1.7.x #4519,​7628,​7820,​8069,​9222,​10040,​10948, next-major-releases #3332,​3519,​4080,​8509,​9643,​9648,​10178,​10665,​918,​1804,​2695,​3273,​3584,​3689,​4549,​4612,​5246,​5670,​5997,​6492,​6986,​7026,​7055,​7573,​7793,​7850,​7872,​7898,​8165,​8219,​8541,​8640,​8945,​8961,​9638,​9646,​9674,​9967,​9979,​10201,​10396,​10413,​10425,​10736,​10755,​10983,​548,​6118,​6128,​8135,​8681,​9125, next-stable-1.4.x #4245,​7687,​6002,​6367,​6682,​8700,​9140,​10884,​5820,​8829,​13346, plugin - mercurial #8417, undecided #10203,​10640,​11338, #12453

  • Tickets with review keyword (patch or branch "ready", need some review):

By milestone: next-major-releases #9643,​8541,​12162, next-stable-1.4.x #6367,​9771, translations #5473, undecided #10640, unscheduled #2299,​9082,​4329

  • Tickets with needfixup keyword (patch or branch already reviewed, need some further work):

By milestone: next-major-releases #7872,​8961

  • Tickets with no milestone set (need to be triaged) {20}:

0 new this week, 22 older and 0 with patches


  • Finish Sphinx ApiDocs.
  • Add recipes for the CookBook, notably installations and troubleshooting.

Code clean-up

  • Post-commit hook for pylint report?

Next Releases

The master list of the next releases is the RoadMap or the roadmap.

next-dev-1.3.x, next-major-releases


Version Control

  • CachedRepository.get_path_history (#9775)
  • Show merge changesets in revision log (#3236), seems like follow-first is meaningless; git log --first-parent support
  • Hg: add basic support for cached repo (#8417)
  • More revisions available link at the bottom of revision log, when viewing a partial revision set (#4854).



  • Sort order of tickets in search results: currently creation time first as opposed to most recent modification time first.


  • In TracInstall#GeneratingtheTraccgi-bindirectory there is mention of chicken/egg problem with trac-admin deploy. We should support a direct trac-admin deploy <target> call syntax, ie without the need to specify a (dummy) environment.

See also: SeaChange/WhatUsersWant, ToDo, TracProject/ToDo

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