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Change History for TracDev/SubmittingPatches

Version Date Author Comment
25 4 years Ryan J Ollos Diff from root of repository. Refs #13308.
24 7 years Ryan J Ollos Grammar fixes.
23 7 years Ryan J Ollos Document how to work from GitHub. Refs comment:1:ticket:12358.
22 7 years Ryan J Ollos Add related page.
21 7 years Ryan J Ollos Put the most important information first.
20 7 years Ryan J Ollos Improve formatting and reword some parts.
19 7 years Ryan J Ollos Add outline.
18 8 years Ryan J Ollos Discontinuing use of [patch] keyword discussed in …
17 9 years figaro Cosmetic changes
16 9 years figaro Cosmetic changes
15 13 years psuter <petsuter@…> Updated link to moved Mercurial page
14 13 years Christian Boos also mention Mercurial and Git as alternatives for doing the checkout
13 13 years Christian Boos added link to perfect example ;-)
12 14 years shesek changed 'svn co' command to download 0.12-stable
11 14 years Christian Boos fix style
10 14 years Christian Boos #Makesomechanges: mention the need to follow the CodingStyle, plus a …
9 14 years mrelbe <mikael@…> Changed Subversion link to Apache Subversion
8 14 years Christian Boos #Submitthepatch hint to #8883 for understanding the reasons it can …
7 15 years Christian Boos Some tips to increase the chance of a patch getting accepted: …
6 15 years Christian Boos Insist on producing unified diffs
5 16 years Christian Boos update stable branch… hopefully soon to be 0.11-stable ;-)
4 16 years Christian Boos Add hint for testing changes
3 17 years Christian Boos Link to the Subversion repository should use .org
2 18 years Matthew Good
1 18 years Matthew Good describe the process for submitting patches