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Change History for TracDev/SubmittingPatches

Version Date Author Comment
24 2 years Ryan J Ollos Grammar fixes.
23 2 years Ryan J Ollos Document how to work from GitHub. Refs comment:1:ticket:12358.
22 2 years Ryan J Ollos Add related page.
21 2 years Ryan J Ollos Put the most important information first.
20 3 years Ryan J Ollos Improve formatting and reword some parts.
19 3 years Ryan J Ollos Add outline.
18 4 years Ryan J Ollos Discontinuing use of [patch] keyword discussed in …
17 4 years figaro Cosmetic changes
16 5 years figaro Cosmetic changes
15 9 years psuter <petsuter@…> Updated link to moved Mercurial page
14 9 years Christian Boos also mention Mercurial and Git as alternatives for doing the checkout
13 9 years Christian Boos added link to perfect example ;-)
12 9 years shesek changed 'svn co' command to download 0.12-stable
11 10 years Christian Boos fix style
10 10 years Christian Boos #Makesomechanges: mention the need to follow the CodingStyle, plus a …
9 10 years mrelbe <mikael@…> Changed Subversion link to Apache Subversion
8 10 years Christian Boos #Submitthepatch hint to #8883 for understanding the reasons it can …
7 10 years Christian Boos Some tips to increase the chance of a patch getting accepted: …
6 11 years Christian Boos Insist on producing unified diffs
5 12 years Christian Boos update stable branch… hopefully soon to be 0.11-stable ;-)
4 12 years Christian Boos Add hint for testing changes
3 13 years Christian Boos Link to the Subversion repository should use .org
2 13 years Matthew Good
1 13 years Matthew Good describe the process for submitting patches