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Release Notes for for Trac 1.6 Py3 Release

This page documents changes in the 1.5.x releases leading up to 1.6. This page will eventually document the final status of 1.6.

1.5.x releases are "stable" and tested snapshots of trunk. They can be seen as sub-milestones on the road towards 1.6.

As opposed to maintenance releases, we offer no guarantees on feature and API compatibility from one 1.5.x release to the next.

However, by following 1.5.x you get a chance to use new features earlier, and therefore be able to contribute feedback when things are still in flux. It's also less risky than just getting the latest trunk, as we won't cut a 1.5.x release in the middle of a series of changes, though we had and still intend to have a good record of keeping things always working on trunk.

If you are a plugin developer, also check the ApiChanges/1.6 page.


  • Dropped support for Python 2.7. Python 3.5+ is supported (#12130).

Development Releases



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Tickets with release notes

Milestone: 1.5.2 (1 match)

Ticket Release Notes

Bump setuptools requirement from >= 0.6> 5.6.

Milestone: 1.5.1 (5 matches)

Ticket Release Notes

Open tickets can be retargeted from the Ticket Admin > Milestones page.


Added View Milestone contextual navigation to the Admin milestone edit page.


The default value is shown on the preferences page in the label of the default selection of various Select inputs.


Added option --no-default-data to trac-admin initenv, for creating an empty environment without any reports, permission groups or sample data (components, milestones, enums).


The [query] ticketlink_query value can be uniquely specified for each custom field using the ticketlink_query option in the [ticket-custom] section. This applies to all custom field types for which [query] ticketlink_query would be applied, which excludes text (format: plain and wiki), textarea and time fields.

Developer-visible changes

A detailed view of the API changes since 1.4.x can be found in TracDev/ApiChanges/1.5.

Code Name

The 0.11 release was dubbed "Genshi", 0.12 "Babel" and 1.4 "Jinja2" after the names of the Python packages that became closely associated to these Trac versions. The most significant change in 1.6 is Python 3 support, so it seems appropriate to name 1.6 "Py3".

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