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Changes between Version 25 and Version 26 of TracDev/ReleaseNotes/0.11

Jan 7, 2008, 11:51:21 PM (14 years ago)

I don't get any errors when using the old '[trac] templates_dir' setting with latest trunk (5 min. testing), so re-writing the paragraph and removing 'FIXME'.


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    137137 - It is strongly advised to set the `[trac] base_url` setting for generating correct URLs outside the context of a user request. [[br]]
    138138   However, contrary to what happened for a while in 0.10.5dev, this setting won't be used for the redirects, unless Trac is explicitly told to do so, with the `use_base_url_for_redirect` setting.
    139  - The `[trac] templates_dir` setting is considered harmful... You probably need to remove that setting when you browse Trac and get the following plain text error:
    140 {{{
    141 TemplateNotFound: Template "error.html" not found
    142 }}}
    143    FIXME: is this still the case?
     139 - The `[trac] templates_dir` setting is no longer used by Trac, and we recommend that it is removed from any configs. There is now a new `[inherit] templates_dir` setting for similar functionality.
    144140 - The support for MySQL as a database backend has '''not''' improved significantly in any ways... It is still considered to be experimental for 0.11. YMMV.
    145141 - The usual trick of wrapping a piece of wiki text inside a <div> for advanced custom formatting can't be done anymore using the `#!html` WikiProcessor, as that one can only produce well-formed HTML fragments. Instead, one must use the new `#!div` Wiki processor for that.