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Change History for TracDev/Proposals/TicketTypes

Version Date Author Comment
17 7 years Ryan J Ollos Use the actual trac-admin commands in the bulleted list. Confirmed …
16 7 years Ryan J Ollos More specifics on adding a severity.
15 10 years anonymous Fixed typo: where → were
14 12 years mbrown1413@… Small grammar error
13 16 years Christian Boos Fixed image links and cleaned-up the page
12 17 years Christian Boos answering to bruno's comments and screenshot updates
11 17 years bruno@… What about changing ticket type ?
10 17 years Christian Boos Updated status information
9 17 years Christian Boos updated patch status
8 17 years Christopher Lenz Comments about latest patch
7 17 years pkou at ua.fm Proposal: Different custom fields depending on ticket type
6 17 years Christian Boos Updated screenshots and added a discussion of the severity field
5 17 years anonymous "what does it look like?" is clearer than "how does it …
4 17 years Christian Boos Reformatting: images in a table, and info about disabling ticket types …
3 17 years anonymous Typo.
2 17 years Christian Boos
1 17 years Christian Boos Introduction to the Ticket Types feature