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Change History for TracDev/Proposals/NewHelp

Version Date Author Comment
10 9 years giecrilj@… and #9876
9 10 years mrelbe <mikael@…> Added some food for thought regarding core vs plugin based solution
8 11 years osimons Added a new ticket reference to 'newhelp' spec.
7 11 years osimons Added reference to #7313.
6 11 years osimons Added reference to #7124.
5 12 years osimons Added a ticket reference related to removal of old wiki pages.
4 12 years Christian Boos Being able to search in the help is quite important
3 12 years osimons Adding #1513 as reference.
2 12 years osimons Adding unit tests to to-do list.
1 12 years osimons First draft for proposal on new help system.