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Email Validation

This proposal is about adding an email validation facility to Trac.

The Context

User enters a new or changes an existing email address in the general preferences tab. Under both circumstances, a verification email must be sent to the user containing a link that will validate the email address to the system, so that the change will come into effect.

But the general preferences tab is not the only place where user's might enter an email address. Similar input fields exist in the ticket system where one can add email addresses for ticket change notification. Other such notifications might exist, given the wide range of plugins making use of the notification subsystem.



i18n requirements

The notification email clearly needs to be localized/translated.

Consider Email Validation and Other Related Tickets


While the proposal in #9900 can only be used for a quick validation of the user's input, it must also be extended to accommodate situations where one has defined a default domain in trac.ini for sending the email messages to. In addition, the user must be send an email for verifying that it is both a valid email address and also owned by the user entering it.

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