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Change History for TracDev/Proposals/CacheInvalidation

Version Date Author Comment
23 5 years figaro Cosmetic changes, added link to previous proposal
22 6 years Christian Boos add links to the current code and API doc
21 10 years Christian Boos we need a more concise summary page about this new component
20 11 years Remy Blank Documented the final implementation.
19 11 years Remy Blank Comment about latest patch.
18 11 years Christian Boos go for it!
17 11 years Remy Blank Reorganized discussion section.
16 11 years Remy Blank Alternative for atomic UPSERT.
15 11 years Christian Boos suggested fix for invalidate()
14 11 years Remy Blank I still have a question about try INSERT, except UPDATE.
13 11 years Christian Boos last round of feedback
12 11 years Christian Boos wiki syntax fixes
11 11 years Remy Blank Added comments for latest patch.
10 11 years Remy Blank A possible solution to the CachedRepository case.
9 11 years Christian Boos replying to comments and discussing the CachedRepository case
8 11 years Remy Blank Added comments.
7 11 years Christian Boos feedback on prototype implementation of idea 2
6 11 years Remy Blank Added description of prototype implementation for idea 1.
5 11 years Remy Blank Added comments.
4 11 years Christian Boos some comments about both ideas
3 11 years Christian Boos he he, got a conflict while trying to save my version ;-) Let's save …
2 11 years Remy Blank Added a first idea: the CacheManager.
1 11 years Christian Boos the case for cache invalidation