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Jul 28, 2010, 5:45:35 PM (12 years ago)
Christian Boos

Integration in Trac welcomed ;-)


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    1212 This has been implemented in the 0.7.0 release of the plugin.
     13  (cboos) This looks good to me. Time for an integration branch, don't you think? See below.
    1316=== Notifications ===
    1417The current plugin does not integrate with email notifications. This could be done the "normal" way via the ITicketChangeListener once #7758 is done (or the planned new IResourceChangeListener  (#8834) and the Announcer support). That would be a first step.
    1619A specific interface (or extra method to the IResourceChangeListener interface) may be more appropriate though, like it would be for other cases of batch modifications, such as #4582 and #5658, or the batch WikiRename feature, see ticket:4412#comment:8.
    18  We definitely should try to send 100s mails to the same user. A mail summarizing the changes should be enough. (cboos)
     21 We definitely should try to **not** send 100s mails to the same user. A mail summarizing the changes should be enough. (cboos)
    2023=== Timeline ===
    2831=== Workflows ===
    2932The plugin as currently written allows for tickets to be put into an inconsistent state, such as with a resolution of 'closed', but with a status of 'accepted'. This needs to be addressed.
     33  Seems to be addressed now (`_check_for_resolution` / `_remove_resolution_if_not_closed`)
     36== Integration in Trac
     38While not all of the above requirements are yet dealt with in the plugin, the user interface from version 0.7 looks good enough to me to be a worthwhile addition to the core (cboos).
     40Further improvements can be done later on that basis. I'd like to see a 0.13 branch of Trac (use our git or hg [SubversionRepository#Mirrors mirrors]), with the batchmod plugin integrated in the trac/ticket subsystem (perhaps directly inside query.py).
     42A few ideas:
     43  - looks like there are tabs in the .css and .html files; other "usual" [TracDev/CodingStyle coding style] cleanups are needed in the .py code as well
     44  - seems there are lots of duplication in batchmod.js (from query.js);
     45  - the `ITemplateProvider`, `IRequestFilter`, `ITemplateStreamFilter` methods will no longer be needed
     46  - I don't see a real need for a separate `BatchModifier` class, this can be merged in the `BatchModifyModule` (it's still interesting to keep that individual module, though, so one can choose to disable it completely)
     47  - For the form processing, why not target a new URL (e.g. "/batchmodify"), so that you could have the `BatchModifyModule` be a real `IRequestHandler` (merge the current `BatchModifyModule.pre_process_request` and `BatchModifier.process_request` into a new `BatchModifyModule.process_request`)
     48   - there should be **one** transaction for all the ticket modifications, not one per ticket change!
     49  - For preparing the form data (the bits currently in `BatchModifyModule._generate_form`), this could be done in the `QueryModule` if the `BatchModifyModule` component is enabled
     50   - same thing for the conditional inclusion of the `batchmod.html` template from the `query.html` one