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Change History for TracDev/Proposals/Announcer

Version Date Author Comment
11 6 years figaro Moved notice for visibility
10 7 years Peter Suter Add notice and fix links to wiki:TracDev/NotificationApi@3
9 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> restart with more systematic ticket review
8 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> start related tickets discussion
7 12 years hasienda <hoff.st@…> add notes regarding development plan and more links to related wiki pages
6 12 years rcorsaro
5 12 years rcorsaro
4 12 years Christian Boos keep note of Carsten Fuchs' suggestion about Subscribe ticket
3 12 years Christian Boos keep note of #8903
2 12 years Christian Boos added link to the mail that started this
1 12 years Doki Pen <doki_pen@…> Get off my az and make proposal. This is a template that needs to be …