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Change History for TracDev/PluginDevelopment/ExtensionPoints

Version Date Author Comment
10 7 years figaro Cosmetic changes
9 7 years Peter Suter Link to trac.notification.api.INotificationSubscriber
8 7 years Peter Suter Add new notification extension point interfaces to list
7 8 years Ryan J Ollos Remove full URL and use intertrac link for Genshi.
6 8 years Peter Suter Remove "current" Trac version
5 10 years Peter Suter Fix link to page template
4 10 years Carsten Klein <carsten.klein@…> removed redundant notice
3 10 years Peter Suter Use fragment identifier search links from #10284
2 11 years Peter Suter Update and sort list of extension points
1 11 years psuter <petsuter@…> Extract information about extension points from …