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    5454'''Note''': you can always review what are the pending changes in Trac by looking at the `svn:mergeinfo` property which shows the '''eligible''' set of changesets, when viewing the target branch in the TracBrowser, eg [source:trunk].
     56== Pushing from a DVCS to SVN
     58If the changes were staged in a Git or Hg repository, some additional steps are needed to commit the changes to Subversion. The steps will be described for a Git repository, but will be similar for an Hg repository.
     60You should first interactively rebase (`git rebase -i`) your changes to get them in a form that is appropriate for committing to the Subversion repository. In doing so, consider how you'd like the changes to be represented in the repository history, taking into account that we frequently interrogate the repository history to discover the cause of regressions or understand the purpose and intent of code. For example, logically related changesets may be squashed if they were staged as multiple changesets to ease the process of codereview. However, unrelated changes and refactorings should be pushed as separate changesets, so they don't obfuscate other changesets.
     62Next, reword your log messages in a form that is appropriate for committing to the Subversion repository, prefixing each log message with the target version (e.g. `1.0.10dev:`), and referencing the appropriate ticket(s). See the [/log log] for examples.
     64Once you've interactively rebased your Git branch and prepared your log messages, the process to push changes to Subversion is:
     65* Checkout an svn working copy of the branch you'll be committing to
     66* Rebase your staging branch against the HEAD of the branch you'll be committing to
     67* Copy the svn metadata directory (`.svn`) of the working copy into the root of your git repository
     68* Step through checkouts of your repository changesets and push each of them into Subversion
     70Here are the same steps described in command line form:
     72$ svn checkout <target-branch> trac-svn-wc
     73$ cp -r trac-svn-wc/.svn trac-git-repos/
     74$ cd trac-git-repos
     75$ git status -sb
     76## tXYZ
     77$ git checkout tXYZ~3
     78$ git log --format="%B" > commit.txt
     79$ svn add ...; svn del ...
     80$ svn ci -F commit.txt
     81$ git checkout tXYZ~2
     83$ git checkout tXYZ~1
     85$ git checkout tXYZ