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Change History for TracDev/DevelopmentEnvironmentSetup

Version Date Author Comment
43 2 years Ryan J Ollos It's not necessary to install in editable mode, we just need a …
42 2 years anonymous Error for previous version of command: "No matching distribution found …
41 3 years anonymous
40 3 years Ryan J Ollos Revise to use pip rather than setuptools.
39 4 years figaro Cosmetic changes
38 5 years figaro Rearranged paragraphs for more logical flow
37 5 years figaro Cosmetic changes
36 6 years Franz Mayer <franz.mayer@…> added hint for Python 2.4 and 2.5
35 7 years Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…> Grammar fix. The TracDeveloperPlugin is optional.
34 9 years Thijs Triemstra add markup for commands and env vars
33 9 years Christian Boos http://svn.edgewall.org is the authoritative address, even if the .com …
32 9 years anonymous fixed trac svn location
31 9 years tom.browder@… Correct my erroneous input.
30 9 years tom.browder@… Update info.
29 10 years Christian Boos add link to TracRepositories (which itself links to the dvcs mirrors)
28 10 years ryano@… Added note about needing the python-subversion lib.
27 10 years jikanter@… fixed a grammar error in the source code sentence
26 10 years anatoly techtonik <techtonik@…> refresh some information
25 10 years Thijs Triemstra <lists@…> add note about Python on OSX
24 10 years ryano@… Updated with some info from TracDev/DevelopmentWithEclipseAndPyDev
23 10 years rb@… Pushed === Upgrade Setuptools === paragraph down after virtualenv is …
22 10 years rb@… Added a sentence about updating setuptools after creating the virtualenv.
21 10 years Ryan Ollos <ryano@…> Change directory to tracdev install location before switching to virtualenv
20 11 years Ryan Ollos <ryano@…> Adding note about switching to the virtualenv when a new shell is opened
19 11 years Ryan Ollos <ryano@…> I've found that the easy_install of virtualenv needs to be run as …
18 11 years Christian Boos no need for absolute URLs here (this page is not part of the set of …
17 11 years Ryan Ollos <ryano@…> Add some nice wiki markup while preserving full URL as is done …
16 11 years Remy Blank Fixed an obsolete mention of the advanced-i18n branch of Genshi.
15 11 years Remy Blank Fixed typos.
14 11 years anatoly <techtonik@…> setuptools≥0.6c10 now works with SVN 1.6
13 11 years anatoly <techtonik@…> windows compatible instructions
12 11 years Josef Assad <joe@…> added note to run with —no-site-packages if trac is already installed …
11 11 years lance@… Added additional information with regard to links to information on …
10 11 years Christian Boos added note about [trac] auto_reload
9 12 years anonymous
8 12 years Piotr Kuczynski <piotr.kuczynski@…> DevelopmentWithEclipseAndPyDev
7 12 years osimons Another wrong reference in a config example.
6 12 years osimons Add/clarify filename for wsgi script (minor edit).
5 12 years osimons Added development setup instructions for mod_wsgi with virtualenv.
4 12 years osimons Added information about mod_python and virtualenv.
3 12 years Daniel Greenfeld <pydanny@…>
2 12 years Daniel Greenfeld <pydanny@…> Breaking into sections
1 12 years Daniel Greenfeld <pydanny@…> Not yet tested!