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Change History for TracDev/ComponentArchitecture

Version Date Author Comment
33 9 years figaro Further cosmetic changes, removed link to deprecated page
32 9 years figaro Added link with original proposal for historical purposes
31 9 years figaro Cosmetic changes
30 10 years anonymous
29 13 years Remy Blank Oops, no, actually we don't. But we probably should.
28 13 years Remy Blank Yes, you can sublass Component.
27 13 years anonymous user typo (closes #10291)
26 13 years FilipeCorreia
25 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Clarified that components are singletons within a component manager - …
24 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Some more notes
23 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Note about components that don't need to be enabled
22 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added two notes about components
21 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added documentation about ways of defining an extension point
20 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added a section about component lifecycle and component states
19 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Headline clarification
18 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Condesed the note about which components get into an extension point
17 14 years Remy Blank Clarified the section about component instantiation.
16 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added note about initiating components
15 14 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Some minor clarification and typo
14 14 years Steven R. Loomis <srl@…> document components instantiating components
13 15 years jevans fix broken source links
12 16 years techtonik <techtonik@…> component managers are not singletons
11 17 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…> Add recursion caveat and disclaimer about the sensibility of this …
10 17 years Christian Boos Replying to Dave: implementing an Interface and declaring an extension …
9 17 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…>
8 17 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…>
7 17 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…>
6 17 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…> Added usage explanation, syntax highlighting.
5 18 years roberto@… Typo
4 18 years Christopher Lenz Minor updates
3 19 years Matthew Good use the Image macro to include the attached images
2 19 years Christopher Lenz Use own diagrams, backlink to TracDev
1 19 years Christopher Lenz Description of the component architecture from TracPluggableModules