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Change History for TracDev/ComponentArchitecture

Version Date Author Comment
33 3 years figaro Further cosmetic changes, removed link to deprecated page
32 4 years figaro Added link with original proposal for historical purposes
31 4 years figaro Cosmetic changes
30 4 years anonymous
29 7 years Remy Blank Oops, no, actually we don't. But we probably should.
28 7 years Remy Blank Yes, you can sublass Component.
27 7 years anonymous user typo (closes #10291)
26 8 years FilipeCorreia
25 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Clarified that components are singletons within a component manager - …
24 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Some more notes
23 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Note about components that don't need to be enabled
22 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added two notes about components
21 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added documentation about ways of defining an extension point
20 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added a section about component lifecycle and component states
19 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Headline clarification
18 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Condesed the note about which components get into an extension point
17 8 years Remy Blank Clarified the section about component instantiation.
16 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Added note about initiating components
15 8 years Sebastian Krysmanski <sebastian@…> Some minor clarification and typo
14 9 years Steven R. Loomis <srl@…> document components instantiating components
13 9 years jevans fix broken source links
12 10 years techtonik <techtonik@…> component managers are not singletons
11 11 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…> Add recursion caveat and disclaimer about the sensibility of this …
10 11 years Christian Boos Replying to Dave: implementing an Interface and declaring an extension …
9 11 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…>
8 11 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…>
7 11 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…>
6 11 years Dave Abrahams <dave@…> Added usage explanation, syntax highlighting.
5 12 years roberto@… Typo
4 12 years Christopher Lenz Minor updates
3 13 years Matthew Good use the Image macro to include the attached images
2 14 years Christopher Lenz Use own diagrams, backlink to TracDev
1 14 years Christopher Lenz Description of the component architecture from TracPluggableModules