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Removed releases prior to 0.12.

This page documents the 1.4 (latest stable) release. Documentation for other releases can be found here.

Change Log

This is a rough list of changes between released versions.

To see where Trac is going in future releases, see the Roadmap.

1.1.x Releases

1.1.x releases are development releases leading eventually to Trac 1.2. See them as kind of snapshots of trunk.

No guarantees of feature and API compatibility is made from one 1.1.x release to the next.


The following list contains highlights of the changes:

  • The ticket creation step can be configured in the TracWorkflow and the workflow controls are present on the NewTicket page (#2045).
  • New notification system that can be extended by plugins (#3517).
  • New preferences panel for notification subscriptions (#4056).
  • Wiki page version comments can be edited by users with WIKI_ADMIN (#6573).
  • Improved positioning of Add Comment section and author field on the ticket form (#10207).
  • The delete confirmation pages warn if attachments will also be deleted (#11542).
  • Removed support for SilverCity, Enscript and PhpRenderer syntax highlighters (#11795).
  • Combined Date & Time and Language preference panels as Localization (#11813).
  • Groups and permissions can be used in the workflow set_owner attribute (#11839).

See also the TracDev/ApiChanges/1.1.3 and the detailed release notes for 1.1.3 and 1.0.3 (as 1.1.3 contains all the fixes done for 1.0.3).

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The following list contains highlights of the changes:

  • Dropped support for Python 2.5. Trac can no longer be run on Python 2.5 as incompatible changes have been made in the source code (#11600).
  • The new ticket workflow action may_set_owner is similar to set_owner but the owner defaults to the existing ticket owner rather than the current user (#10018).
  • The new option [ticket] optional_fields specifies ticket select fields that are treated as optional (i.e. an empty value is allowed) (#10772).
  • Line number and row highlighting annotations can be specified for WikiProcessor code blocks (#10834).
  • The default handler can be set as a session preference (#11597), and the default value for all users can be set from the Basic Settings admin page (#11519).
  • Attachments can't be added to read-only wiki pages (#11244).
  • Tables on the admin pages have a Select all checkbox in the header (#10994).
  • Submit buttons are disabled if the required items are not selected (#11056).
  • The Admin Permissions page has a Copy Permissions form for copying permissions between users and groups (#11099).
  • The new option [milestone] default_retarget_to determines the default milestone for retargeting tickets when a milestone is deleted or closed, and can be specified from the Milestone admin page (#10010).
  • The retarget select is not shown when closing or deleting a milestone which has no tickets associated with it (#11366).
  • Clear default buttons allow the ticket system default values (e.g. default_milestone, default_version) to be cleared through the corresponding admin pages (#10772, #11300).
  • The TitleIndex macro supports relative path prefixes when used on wiki pages (#11455).
  • CommitTicketUpdater will recognize a ticket reference that includes a trailing #comment:N or #comment:desccription (#11622).
  • The Tickets column of the milestone table on the Milestone admin page contains links to the query page showing all tickets associated with the milestone, grouped by status (#11661).
  • Authz policy can be used to restrict access to the Report List page using the resource id -1 (#11697).

See also the TracDev/ApiChanges/1.1.2 and the detailed release notes for 1.1.2, 1.0.2 and 0.12.6 (as 1.1.2 contains all the fixes done for 1.0.2 and 0.12.6).

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Trac 1.1.1 starts the 1.1.x development line leading to 1.2 with some new features and a few not-so-disruptive changes.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Added support for custom ticket fields of type time (#1942)
  • In new tickets, custom time ticket fields may default to an absolute or relative date / time (#10853)
  • In TracBatchModify, custom time ticket fields can be changed with a date(time)picker popup control (#10854)
  • Optionally display the component of tickets in their timeline entries ([timeline] ticket_show_component setting) (#10885)
  • Fixed batch modification when no fields are changed (#10924)
  • Dynamic variables can be used in the report title and description (#10979)
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.8.3, jQuery UI upgraded to 1.9.2 and jQuery UI Timepicker upgraded to 1.1.1 (#10976)
  • Dropped support for Python 2.5, either Python 2.6 or Python 2.7 is required (well, as it happens, 2.5 still works, that's a bug ;-) )

See also the TracDev/ApiChanges/1.1.1 and the detailed release notes for 1.1.1, 1.0.1 and 0.12.5 (as 1.1.1 contains all the fixes done for 1.0.1 and 0.12.5).

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1.0.x Releases


Trac 1.0.4 contains a few fixes, including a fix for a regression in 1.0.3.

  • Workflow action labels were not displayed unless name attribute was explicitly defined (#11930).

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.4.

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Trac 1.0.3 is a maintenance release containing numerous fixes and minor enhancements. The following are a few of the highlights:

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Notification is sent when adding an attachment to a ticket (#2259).
  • Stylesheets and scripts are loaded during autopreview, resulting in proper syntax highlighting when code WikiProcessors are added (#10470) and display of Workflow graphs without explicit autopreview (#10674).
  • Merge changesets are shown as differences against first parent, resulting in less noisy changesets (#10740).
  • Pygments 2.0 is supported (#11796).
  • Fixed error when completing the initenv TracAdmin command (#11797).
  • Performance improvement on systems with many thousands of authenticated users due to caching of Environment.get_known_users (#11868).
  • Distribution metadata of wheel package is supported and displayed on the About page (#11877).
  • … and more than 3 dozen total fixes!

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.3.

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Trac 1.0.2 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, as well as a major update for many translations.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Subversion keywords are expanded and EOL substitutions made when viewing a file in the repository browser and when downloading a file (#717).
  • Notification email is sent to the old owner when a ticket is reassigned (#2311).
  • Ticket change history is updated when renaming and deleting a milestone, and when retargeting tickets to another milestone (#4582, #5658).
  • Numerous fixes for the Authz permissions policy in the browser/repository (#10961, #11646), wiki (#8976, #11067), admin (#11069) and report (#11176) realms.
  • Multiple forms submits are disallowed (#10138).
  • ConfigurationError is raised if any of the permission_policies can't be loaded, preventing possible information leakage due to internal and installation errors (#10285).
  • Wiki toolbars can be disabled through a configuration setting (#10837)
  • The number of entries in a table is shown next to heading on applicable admin pages (#11027).
  • Cancel buttons are consistently located on all pages (#11076).
  • Focus is placed on a text element when an edit page is loaded (#11084).
  • The Edit conflict and Merge warning messages are always visible in side-by-side edit mode (#11102).
  • Improvements to the layout of the Report (#11106, #11664) and Ticket pages (#11471).
  • Genshi 0.7 compatibility (#11218).
  • Numerous minor fixes for Git repository support.
  • … and more than a hundred more fixes!

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.2 and 0.12.6 (as 1.0.2 contains all the fixes done for 0.12.6).

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Trac 1.0.1 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, as well as a major update for many translations.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Fix zip source download for large directories in Subversion repositories (#10840)
  • Performance improvement for the Roadmap, by caching milestone properties (#10879)
  • Added a select all checkbox to table of components for each plugin on the Plugins admin panel (#9609)
  • Restore the Modify link at the top of the ticket page, as it was in Trac 0.12 (#10856)
  • ListOption keeps values other than empty string and None in raw list as default (#10541)
  • Prevent possibility of multiple identical info or warning messages being presented to the user (#10987)
  • The BatchModify select-all checkboxes are toggled with tri-state behavior when the ticket checkboxes are toggled (#10992)
  • Update the ticket changetime to the current time when deleting a ticket comment (#10486)

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.1 and 0.12.5 (as 1.0.1 contains all the fixes done for 0.12.5).

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1.0 'Cell'

Trac 1.0 is a major release adding refreshed user interface and improved DVCS repository support as the most visible changes.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • The default theme looks more modern, especially on recent browsers (no effort has been made to make it look better on older browsers like IE6 or 7)
  • The TH:GitPlugin has been donated by Herbert Valerio Riedel to the Trac project (many thanks!) and is now maintained here as an optional component
  • As a consequence, the Subversion support has been moved below tracopt.versioncontrol as well
  • The Git and Mercurial log view feature a visualization of the branching structure
  • Usability improvements for the tickets, with a better support for conflict detection and resolution
  • Integration of the TH:BatchModifyPlugin, contributed by Brian Meeker (many thanks!) and is now maintained there as a default component
  • jQuery/UI integration, featuring a date picker for date fields
  • Improved integration with Pygments syntax highlighting
  • … and numerous smaller features added and bugs fixed since 0.12!

See the full list in TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0.

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0.12.x Releases


Trac 0.12.6 contains fixes for a few issues:

  • Subversion blame would fail for a path with URL-encoded characters (#10386), a lower-case drive letter on Windows (#10514), or a non-ascii filename with Subversion 1.7 (#11167).
  • Improved performance rendering svn:mergeinfo properties in browser view (#8459) and changeset view (#11219).
  • Query with many custom fields would fail (#11140).
  • Zip archive had a timestamp with no timezone information (#11162).
  • Failure or incorrect ranges rendering log TracLinks (#11308, #11346).
  • Textareas in ticket view did not wrap correctly in IE 11 (#11376).
  • Emails were not being obfuscated in owner field on CSV export from ticket and query pages (#11594).
  • Locale data was not being included in egg in Distribute 0.6.29 and later (#11640).
  • Deleting a milestone would not delete its attachments (#11672).
  • Added support for Babel 1.0 and later (#11258, #11345).
  • Added support for ConfigObj 5.0 and later (#11498).
  • … and dozens more fixes!

See the detailed release notes for 0.12.6.

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Trac 0.12.5 contains fixes for a few issues:

  • upload of .mht files (MHTML web page archive files) now works (#9880)
  • more robust parsing of attachment URLs (#10280) and uploaded file names (#10850)
  • lots of improvement to the date formatting code, which is now much more robust when timezone and daylight saving time computations are involved (#10768, #10863, #10864, #10912, #10920)
  • no longer generate invalid JSON encoded data with Python 2.4 and 2.5 (#10877)
  • … and fix a couple more minor defects (#10967, #10892, #10923, #10858, #10835)

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Trac 0.12.4 contains only a handful of minor fixes.

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Trac 0.12.3 contains a few minor fixes and a few minor features.

  • compatibility with Subversion 1.7 (#10414)
  • easier troubleshooting of common startup errors (#10024)
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.4.4 (#10001)
  • improve fine-grained permission handling in the source browser (#9976, #10208, #10110)
  • added compatibility with MySQL 5.5.3 utf8mb4 databases (#9766)
  • … and dozens more fixes!

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Trac 0.12.2 contains a few minor fixes and a few minor features.

This list contains only a few highlights:

  • install: improved robustness of Trac installation if Babel is installed after the fact (#9439, #9595, #9961)
  • notifications: support for Asian character width (#4717)
  • roadmap: fix display of progress bar in some corner cases (#9718) and respect the overall_completion milestone group setting (#9721)
  • reports: reports and queries look much better, as the columns now keep the same width across groups; the absence of word wrapping in reports has been fixed (#9825)
  • web admin: improved layout (#8866, #9963)
  • web: it's now possible to log in different Trac instances sharing the same URL prefix (e.g. /project and /project-test) (#9951)

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Trac 0.12.1 contains a few important performance improvements, some minor fixes and a few minor features.

This list contains only a few highlights:

  • db: improve concurrency behavior (#9111)
  • fcgi: add an environment variable TRAC_USE_FLUP to control the usage of flup vs. bundled _fcgi.py (defaults to 0, i.e. use bundled as before)
  • svn authz: improve compatibility with svn 1.5 format (#8289)
  • milestone: allow to set the time for the due date (#6369, #9582)
  • ticket: fixes for the CC: property (#8597, #9522)
  • notification: improved the formatting of ticket fields in notification e-mails (#9484, #9494)
  • i18n: added a configuration option to set the default language (#8117)
  • several fixes for upgrade (#9400, #9416, #9483, #9556)

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0.12 'Babel'

Trac 0.12 is a major release introducing i18n and multiple repository support as the most visible changes.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • The user interface is translated in a dozen of languages, provided the [Babel:] package is installed
  • Multiple repositories can be associated to a single Trac environment; the repositories can be of heterogeneous types (svn, hg, git, darcs…)
  • Usability improvements for the Wiki, with a nice side-by-side edit mode with automatic preview
  • Richer Wiki syntax, with much improved support for tables, partial WikiCreole compatibility and numerous smaller improvements
  • Usability improvements for the Ticket module, with automatic preview of comments while you type and possibility to edit or remove them later
  • Improved Custom Queries (time fields, multiple disjoint conditions, a.k.a. OR queries)
  • Timeline filtering by user
  • … and numerous smaller features added and bugs fixed since 0.11!

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