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prepare notes for 0.12.1

This page documents the 1.4 (latest stable) release. Documentation for other releases can be found here.

Change Log

This is a rough list of changes between released versions. It's a copy of the trunk/ChangeLog from the repository.

To see where Trac is going in future releases, see the Roadmap.

0.12.x Releases

0.12.1 (not yet released)

Trac 0.12.1 contains a few important performance improvements, some minor fixes and a few minor features.

This list contains only a few highlights:

  • db: improve concurrency behavior (#9111)
  • fcgi: add an environment variable TRAC_USE_FLUP to control the usage of flup vs. bundled _fcgi.py (defaults to 0, i.e. use bundled as before)
  • svn authz: improve compatibility with svn 1.5 format (#8289)
  • milestone: allow to set the time for the due date (#6369, #9582)
  • ticket: fixes for the CC: property (#8597, #9522)
  • several fixes for upgrade (#9400, #9416, #9483, #9556)

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0.12 'Babel'

Trac 0.12 is a major release introducing i18n and multiple repository support as the most visible changes.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • The user interface is translated in a dozen of languages, provided the [Babel:] package is installed
  • Multiple repositories can be associated to a single Trac environment; the repositories can be of heterogeneous types (svn, hg, git, darcs…)
  • Usability improvements for the Wiki, with a nice side-by-side edit mode with automatic preview
  • Richer Wiki syntax, with much improved support for tables, partial WikiCreole compatibility and numerous smaller improvements
  • Usability improvements for the Ticket module, with automatic preview of comments while you type and possibility to edit or remove them later
  • Improved Custom Queries (time fields, multiple disjoint conditions, a.k.a. OR queries)
  • Timeline filtering by user
  • … and numerous smaller features added and bugs fixed since 0.11!

0.11.x Releases

0.11.8 (unreleased)

Trac 0.11.8 only contains a handful of fixes:

  • fix for mod_wsgi 3 and unicode cookies (#9176)
  • support newer pytz (e.g. 2010g, #9188)
  • support svn_authz unicode module names (#9215)

(if you really need those fixes, get Trac from the branches/0.11-stable branch directly)


Trac 0.11.7 contains a handful of important fixes, the following list shows the most significant ones.

Security fixes:

  • Fixed a ticket validation issue that would allow unauthorized users to modify the status and resolution of a ticket (#8884)

Performance improvements:

  • Trac wiki had some trouble handling very long unicode words (#9025)
  • Full text search was very slow if lots of custom fields were used (#8935)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a race condition that could lead to the destruction of the trac.ini file (#8623)
  • Fixed creation of new milestone which could have been a rename if performed after a name clash has been detected (#8816)
  • Fixed display of value 0 in report cells (#7512)


Trac 0.11.6 contains two security fixes and a number of bug fixes, performance improvements and minor enhancements. The following list contains only a few highlights:

Security fixes:

  • Fixed the policy checks in report results when using alternate formats.
  • Added a check for the "raw" role that is missing in docutils < 0.6.

Performance improvements:

  • Re-enabled connection pooling with SQLite (#3446).
  • Added caching of configuration options (#8510).

Bug fixes:

  • The Database is locked issue with SQLite databases is believed to be gone for real, at last! (#3446, #8468).
  • SQLite v2.x support is now formally deprecated. You're strongly advised to upgrade (#8625).
  • Fixed handling of times in timezones with DST (#8240).
  • Avoid corruption of trac.ini during write (#8623).
  • Improved support for revision ranges in the revision log view (#8349)


Trac 0.11.5 contains several improvements and lots of bug fixes.

Bug fixes:

  • fix one problem that could trigger 100% CPU usage on some platforms (#7785)
  • trac.ini fixes, now allowing chaining of [inherit] file (#8290) and specify relative paths for [inherit] plugins_dir/templates_dir (#8309)
  • Subversion 1.6 support (in blame feature #8179, in tests #8278)
  • Work around a long standing memory leak in Subversion (#6588)

New Features:

  • Improved Subversion 1.5/1.6 support (svn:mergeinfo #7715)
  • Keep-alive support added to TracStandalone, through the --http11 option (#8020)
  • One-time notifications after POST operations (#8166)
  • Icons for direct download of attachments (#5718)
  • new "[mimeview] treat_as_binary" setting (#2672)
  • support for automatic backups of Trac database during upgrade, for all database backends (#2304)
  • test infrastructure improvements (support alternate database backends #8169)


Trac 0.11.4 contains a few but important bug fixes and minor improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • fixes the regressions introduced in 0.11.3 (#8061, #7970, #8059)
  • fix one more Python 2.6 incompatibility (#8083)
  • long standing issue with the display of external links is now fixed (#937)


Trac 0.11.3 contains a couple of bug fixes and minor improvements. The following list contains only a few highlights:

Bug fixes:

Minor improvements:

  • Custom fields can now contain wiki text (#1791)
  • A few usability and documentation improvements (#8000, #8004, #8016)

The complete list of closed tickets can be found here.

Trac fixes a Python 2.3 incompatibility introduced in Trac 0.11.2. Python 2.4+ users already running Trac 0.11.2 do not need to upgrade.


Trac 0.11.2 contains two security fixes and a couple of bug fixes. The following list contains only a few highlights:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes potential DOS vulnerability with certain wiki markup. Reported by Matt Murphy.
  • Improved HTML sanitizer filter to detect possible phishing attempts. Reported by Simon Willison.
  • MySQL db backend improvement (reconnect after idle timeout #4465)
  • TicketQuery speed improvements (#6436)
  • fixes for RSS feeds (timeline entries no longer truncated #7316, no longer download some feeds under Firefox #3899)
  • search now works for custom fields (#2530)
  • same order for ticket fields for new and existing tickets (#7018)
  • enforce fine-grained permission for "quickjump" search results (#7655)
  • e-mail obfuscation was not done in a few remaining places (#7688, #6532)
  • uninstall of plugins from WebAdmin was not working - feature disabled for now
  • more robust pagination of results for reports and custom queries (#7424, #7544)
  • support for newer version of pygments (#7622)
  • documentation updated (#7603, #7205, #7318)

Minor improvements:

  • better support for Wiki page hierarchy (show path #2780, link to parent #2150)
  • custom query allow to search in description and other text fields (#4824)


Trac 0.11.1 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Improved DB connection handling (new connection pool)
  • Better MySQL backend unicode support. "utf8" and "utf8_bin" is the recommended database charset and collation settings.
  • Fixes intermittent "constraint violation" and "invalid form token" error messages.
  • Fixes roadmap layout glitch in Firefox 3.
  • Safer default umask value for tracd (can be set using —umask option)
  • Better default PYTHON_EGG_CACHE value.

0.11 'Genshi'

Trac 0.11 contains a great number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • New template engine for generating content (Genshi)
  • New configurable workflow in the ticket subsystem
  • Finer-grained control of permissions
  • Support for Pygments as the default syntax highlighter
  • Improved repository browser ("blame" support, dynamic in-place expansion of folders)
  • Improved user preferences subsystem, among which the possibility for
  • any user to select their time zone and disable access keys
  • The WebAdmin plugin is now an integral part of Trac
  • Paging of timeline and query results.

0.10.x Releases


Trac 0.10.5 contains two security fixes and a couple of bug fixes. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Fixes a cross-site redirection vulnerability in the quickjump function reported by Russ McRee.
  • Fixes a wiki engine XSS vulnerability found by Nathan Collins.
  • Added PostgreSQL 8.3 support.
  • Fixes FineGrainedPermissions for scoped repositories.
  • Fixes problem with repository syncing raising exceptions.


Trac 0.10.4 is a bug fix release. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Repository cache improvements. The new syncing scheme is incompatible with the previous one and requires a database schema upgrade in order to prevent the old and the new codebase to be mixed. A repository resync is not needed, though. The 0.10.4 scheme is compatible with the 0.11 one. (#3837, #4043 and #4586)
  • Fix a possible freeze under heavy load (#4465)

Trac is a security release:

  • Always send "Content-Disposition: attachment" headers where potentially unsafe (user provided) content is available for download. This behaviour can be altered using the "render_unsafe_content" option in the "attachment" and "browser" sections of trac.ini.
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in "download wiki page as text" in combination with Microsoft IE. Reported by Yoshinori Oota, Business Architects Inc.


Trac 0.10.3 is a bug fix release. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Timeline fail to load with a "NoSuchChangeset" error message (#4132).
  • Timed out MySQL connections not handled properly (#3645).
  • Subversion repository resync broken. (#4204).

The complete list of closed tickets can be found here.


Trac 0.10.2 is a bug fix release. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Fixes deadlock when using authz_file config option (#3996).
  • Makes the CSRF code play nice with the XML-RPC plugin (#4122).
  • Fixes Timeline breakage after svn commit when using sqlite (#4120).

The complete list of closed tickets can be found here.


Trac 0.10.1 contains a security fix and a number of bug fixes. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Fixed CSRF vulnerability (#4049), reported by Daniel Kahn Gillmor.
  • Improved DB connection handling (#3503)
  • tracd no longer tries to resolve client's IP address (#3481).

The complete list of closed tickets can be found here.

0.10 'Zengia'

Trac 0.10 contains a great number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Support for spam protection.
  • Advanced diff support.
  • InterWiki and InterTrac support.
  • Improved notification system.
  • WSGI Used as web server protocol.

A more complete list of new features can be found in the RELEASE file. The complete list of closed tickets can be found here: http://trac.edgewall.org/query?status=closed&milestone=0.10

0.9.x Releases


  • Fixed reStructuredText breach of privacy and denial of service vulnerability found by Felix Wiemann.
  • trac-post-commit-hook fixes.
  • Fixed bugs: #2894, #3058, #3209 #3325.



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  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in search module.
  • Fixed broken ticket email notifications.

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0.9 'Vodun'

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Trac 0.9 contains a great number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • License changed from GPL to modified BSD (See the file COPYING).
  • Improved modularity and extendibility (plugin support).
  • Support for both pysqlite 1.x and pysqlite 2.x.
  • Postgresql database support (with psycopg or pyPgSQL).
  • Repository subsets. Multiple Trac environments can share a single repository.
  • Version control abstraction layer making it possible to support other version control systems besides subversion in the future.
  • FastCGI frontend support.
  • Python version ≥ 2.3 is now required.

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0.8.x Releases


  • Fixed file upload vulnerability. Trac could be tricked into uploading files outside the environment directory. All users are recommended to upgrade. Vulnerability found by the Hardened-PHP project.


  • Fix compatibility of 'trac-admin resync' with Subversion ≥ 1.2.
  • Settings page now works correctly when Trac is deployed at the root of a host.
  • Windows packaging issues resolved.
  • Fixed bugs: #1282, #1500, #1648

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0.8 'Qualia'

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0.7.x Releases

0.7.1 'Argento'

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0.7 'Fulci'

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0.6.x Releases

0.6.1 '245 Trioxin'

  • Duplication of empty lines on Windows should no longer happen.
  • RSS now escapes entities in summary.
  • Search results won't highlight dates anymore.
  • RPM for SuSE Linux.
  • Preliminary executable Windows Installer.
  • More documentation.
  • Fixed bugs: #163, #165, #189, #198, #200, #206, #209, #214, #223, #244

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0.6 'Solanum'

  • View diffs between wiki page edits.
  • Improved Search module.
  • Support for tables in the wiki. (Thanks to Stephen Hansen)
  • Colored reports. Use colors to show priority, etc.
  • Support for custom wiki processor macros. (See TracReports)
  • reStructuredText markup support (See WikiRestructuredText)
  • HTML markup support (See WikiHtml)
  • Report groups. Group results by a column.
  • Multi-line report rows.
  • Download report in CSV (Comma Separated Value) and tab-separated format
  • RSS 2.0 content syndication support in Timeline, Reports and Log.
  • Better, locale-based date and time formatting.
  • Wiki RecentChanges support.
  • Overall usability, consistency and cosmetic improvements.
  • More documentation.

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0.5.x Releases


  • Performance improvements.
  • Better unicode support in commit-messages.
  • TRAC_ADMIN is now a real "meta-permission" containing all other permissions.
  • Wiki-links of the svn:/path format can now also link to directories.
  • Handle subversion changesets without any "author" specified.
  • "view" checkboxes in the timeline view now reflect the current state.
  • The subversion repository is now indexed by "svnadmin initdb" instead of trac.cgi at first execution.
  • Most of the inline css is removed.
  • IE6 navbar problem fixed.
  • Fixed bugs: #69, #73, #77, #78, #79, #80, #84, #85, #86, #89, #90,#91, #93, #97,

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  • Navbar now works properly on error pages.
  • Cleaned up source code. Removed ugly tabs.
  • Added missing COPYING, AUTHORS etc. Cleaned up package.
  • trac-admin now works with python 2.1.
  • Fixed bugs: #74, #75, #76, #77.
  • 0.5.1: Minor Release.

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  • 0.5: First release.

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Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.