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Boreste's use case. Trac to support MPS.BR "G" level


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    3535  - this company use  Trac for c++ development of advanced military f16 simulators.
     37=== Boreste ===
     40 1. This is not a full description of use. We'll be happy to discuss details.
     41 2. MPS.BR can be found at http://www.softex.br/mpsbr/; it's a model based on ISO/IEC 15504, CMII, among others; Most of the pages are written in Portuguese; Guides available both in Spanish and Portuguese. A flyer in English: http://www.softex.br/mpsbr/_flyers/mpsbr_em_ingles.pdf).
     43 - this company use Trac for Embedded Systems development.
     44 - Selected Trac to support Brazilian Model for Software Development Process (MPS.BR) -"G" Level- implementation
     47 * TracMultipleProjects/MultipleEnvironmentsSingleDatabase
     48 * __Plugins__: !TagsPlugin (,,builds co-relation among wiki pages and others,,), !ChangeLogPlugin, !IniAdminPlugin, !AutoWikifyPlugin (,,automatically  links insertion to existing wiki pages,,), !GanttCalendarPlugin, !GraphvizPlugin (,,Processes graphics,,), !SqliteToPgScript (,,database "translation",,), !GridModifyPlugin, !MasterTicketsPlugin (,,aid traceability while performing requirements change management,,), !TicketImportPlugin (,,CSV issues-features, requirements, tasks, artifacts- imported at once,,), !TimingAndEstimationPlugin (,,keep track of work done, allows comparison with previous estimates,,), !TracWysiwygPlugin (,,turns edition easier.,,), !WikiCssPlugin (,,Environment customization,,), !NoteBoxPlugin,
     49 * __Macros__: !ComponentsProcessorMacro (,,artifact definition and management,,), !ChangeLogMacro, !PlannedMilestonesMacro (,,reports,,), !ProgressMeterMacro (,,monitoring,,), !TocMacro (,,list sub-pages, show hierarchy -like in a PBS or WBS- recently deprecated in favor of !TitleIndex,,),
     50 * __Other tools__: GAFYD Spreadsheets (,,support Wideband Delhi for time and effort estimation,,), Planner (,,basic constraint analysis, resource allocation, estimate total project time,,)
     53 * Integration (Wiki, Issue system, Repository)
     54 * Roughness (Apache + Postgre + SVN) on Linux server
     55 * Easy to implement Intranet, Knowledge base and Product Management
     56 * Light: requires few resources to work
     59 * Requires process workarounds to get working stuff which is basic to others PM tools
     60 * Wiki templates limited to the time a wiki page is created. Hard to maintain: wiki-pages which have common content have to be re-edited individually. Editing wiki template at once will be the must. (TracDev/Proposals/AdvancedWikiFormatting#Transclusion will help)
     61 * No integrated support for __roles__. Existing plugins maybe?.
     62 * Not easy to implement configuration management without hard coding (required for "F" level and up).
     63 * Lack of "Smart reports"
     64   * No Project Added Value monitoring
     67 1. Initial goals for this company where achieved
     68   1. have a tool which could support his processes in a 5 year round;
     69   2. allowing to obtain a formally qualified process for system development;
     70   3. low TCO;
     71   4. and requiring the less as possible IT Support.
     72 2. Achieved MPS.BR "G" level