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Trac Books

Managing Software Development with Trac and Subversion

Trac and Subversion
  • Publisher Packt Publishing
  • Language English
  • Paperback 120 pages [191mm x 235mm]
  • Release date Expected December 2007
  • ISBN 1847191665
  • ISBN 13 978-1-847191-66-3
  • Author David J Murphy

Software development - especially for small teams & projects - often ends up unmanaged and suffering from the ever present problem of feature creep. This book presents a simple set of processes and practices that allow you to manage these projects without getting in the way.

This book looks at what is needed to manage software development projects, how Trac and Subversion meets these needs, and how to install, configure and use them.

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Software Documentation with Trac

Read an excerpt from the book about how Trac can be used for the purpose of documentation.

The secret of creating good documentation is to make the process of doing so as painless as possible, and if we are lucky maybe even attractive, to the developers. The only practical way to achieve that is to reduce friction. The last thing we need when we are in middle of fixing a bug is to wrestle with our word processor, or even worse try to find the right document to update.

One of the reasons Trac works so well for managing software development is because it is browser based. Apart from our development environment, the browser, along with our email client, are the next most likely applications we are going to have installed and running on our computer. If access to our Trac environment is only a click away, it stands to reason that we are more likely to use it.

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