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Ticket Clone

Prior to Trac 1.0, the ability to clone a ticket is not built-in, but can be easily added by installing the ticket_clone.py sample plugin, a single file plugin.

This plugin adds a small Clone button next to the Description header in the ticket box. Clicking on it will prepare a new ticket filled with the same information as the original ticket. From that point, you can edit the ticket further before actually creating it.

You should pick the version corresponding to your Trac release, e.g.

Starting with Trac 1.0, this feature is now available as an optional component and can be enabled in the Admin / Plugins web interface, under the Trac / tracopt.ticket.clone.* / TicketCloneButton entry (tracopt.ticket.clone).

See also TH:CloneTicketPlugin for a screenshot.

NOTE: Requires at least TICKET_ADMIN level privileges.

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