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Ticket Clone

This component adds a Clone button next to the Description header in the ticket box. Clicking on it will prepare a new ticket filled with the same information as the original ticket. From that point, you can edit the ticket further before actually creating it.

CloneTicket button

Note: Requires at least TICKET_ADMIN level privileges.

See also th:CloneTicketPlugin.

Configuration in Trac 1.x

Starting with Trac 1.0, this feature is available as an optional component and can be enabled in the Admin / Plugins web interface, under the Trac / tracopt.ticket.clone.* / TicketCloneButton entry (tracopt.ticket.clone). Starting with Trac 1.3.2, comments can also be cloned to create a new ticket.

Configuration in Trac 0.x

Prior to Trac 1.0, the ability to clone a ticket was not built-in, but can be easily added by installing the ticket_clone.py sample plugin, a single file plugin.

You should pick the version corresponding to your Trac release:

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