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Features Trac Users Badly Want

Here's where you can vote:

  • you can vote for a particular plugin/functionality to be added
  • or you can vote for a ticket to be solved

[CN] ~ 用户最急需特性投票:

  • 聚集最希望Trac 支持的特性
  • 将相关传票组织到表中,进行投票

Vote for your preferred plugin/functionality

Please abide by the following guidelines:

  • enter your username or email when editing this page; all anonymous changes will be deleted
  • feel free to add your plugin/functionality in an alphabetical order
  • only add +1 for your vote: these pages are monitored by Trac users and adding any higher number to your favorite plugin will be quickly detected and deleted.
Plugin and/or functionality Votes Related tickets
AccountManager 33 #791
AdvancedTicketWorkflow (especially XREFS for duplicate handling) 3 -
IniAdminPlugin or IniAdminPanelPlugin 15 -
MasterTickets 42 #31, #886
TracMercurial 3 -
MultipleProjectSupport (1) (see also th:tags/multi-projects) 64 #11025
MultiSelectCustomFields 4 #918
Tags 14 -
Usage Statistics 7 -
Wysiwyg-Editors (a+b) 13 #1682
a) TracWysiwygPlugin 14
b) CkEditorPlugin 1
Redirect to login page - PermRedirectPlugin 11 #5340
LdapPlugin (see also #1147 and th:tags/ldap) 12 -
Full L10N support (include templates, Wiki pages, and i18n plugins API) 5 #280, #1513, #7497
Support of remote SVN repositories 9 #493
TracWiki: Add doctype supporting SVG and MathML (see also th:tags/math) 2 #7690
RecaptchaRegisterPlugin 3 -
Export button 1
Ticket scheduling/Gantt charts of some sort (see also th:tags/gantt) 9
Test management (see:TestCaseManagementPlugin, TestManagerForTracPlugin, QaTrackerPlugin) 1
TypedTicketWorkflowPlugin: Configurable ticket workflows tailored for different ticket types 3
Requirements Management System: to tie requirements to tasks to code (see also: CookBook/Configuration/RequirementsManagement and ProjectManagementIdeas) 2 #1226
CustomFieldAdminPlugin 1 #11469

Now implemented in Trac core:

Plugin and/or functionality Votes Related tickets In Version
Multi repositories support (1) 43 #2086 0.12
Possibility to edit ticket comments 5 #454 0.12
GitPlugin 35 #10594 1.0
BatchModifyPlugin 11 #525 1.0
TracTicketsCustomTimeFields 2 #1942 1.2

(1) was initially part of a joint "Multiple project/repository" request; we now dissociate them as the MultipleRepositorySupport prerequisite to the MultipleProjectSupport was implemented for Trac 0.12.

Vote for a ticket to be solved

To vote for a ticket go to the Preferences page and submit your personal details. Then, browsing the tickets, you can vote by clicking on Up-vote or Down-vote arrows on your favorite ticket.

In report {34} you'll see the result of the votes.

See also:

  • {32} report for opened tickets ranked by popularity, computed from the ticket activity
  • {33} similar report, but for popular tickets that have been implemented
  • TracIdeas/ pages, for suggesting specific small fixes not worthy of a full-fledged ticket.
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