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Features Trac Users Badly Want

This list will be highly subjective; one user's killer feature is another user's irrelevancy. Regardless, hopefully we can get some useful information out of it.

Here's where you can vote! Two ways to do it:

  • you can vote for a particular plugin/functionality to be added
  • or you can vote for a ticket to be solved

[CN] ~ 用户最急需特性投票:

  • 聚集最希望Trac 支持的特性
  • 将相关传票组织到表中,进行投票

Vote for your prefered plugin/functionality


  • enter your username or email when editing this page (all anonymous changes will be deleted)
  • feel free to add your plugin/functionality in an alphabetical order
  • only add +1 for your vote: these pages are monitored by Trac users and adding 100 to your favorite plugin will be quickly detected. So don't waste your and others time with such a behaviour.
Plugin and/or functionality Votes Related tickets
AccountManager 29 #791
AdvancedTicketWorkflow (especially XREFS for duplicate handling) 2 -
IniAdminPlugin 15 -
HgTimelinePlugin 2 -
MasterTickets 41 #31, #886
MultipleProjectSupport (1) 61 #11025
MultiSelectCustomFields 4 #918
Tags 14 -
Usage Statistics 6 -
Wysiwyg-Editors (a+b) 13 #1682
a) TracWysiwygPlugin 12
b) CkEditorPlugin 1
Redirect to login page - PermRedirectPlugin 11 #5340
LdapPlugin also see 9 -
Full L10N support (include templates, Wiki pages, and i18N plugins API) 5 #280, #1513, #7497
Support of remote SVN repositories 9 #493
TracTicketsCustomTimeFields 2 #1942
TracWiki: Add doctype supporting SVG and MathML 2 #7690
RecaptchaRegisterPlugin 3 -
Export button 1
Ticket scheduling/Gannt charts of some sort 8
Test management (see:TestCaseManagementPlugin, TestManagerForTracPlugin, QaTrackerPlugin) 1
TypedTicketWorkflowPlugin: Configurable ticket workflows tailored for different ticket types 2
Requirements Management System To glue requirements→tasks→code (see linked discussion) 1
CustomFieldAdminPlugin 1

Now implemented:

Plugin and/or functionality Votes Related tickets In Version
Multi repositories support (1) 43 #2086 0.12
Possibility to edit ticket comments 5 #454 0.12
GitPlugin 35 #10594 1.0
BatchModifyPlugin 11 #525 1.0

(1) was initially part of a joint "Multiple project/repository" request; we now dissociate them as the MultipleRepositorySupport prerequisite to the MultipleProjectSupport was implemented for 0.12

Vote for a ticket to be solved

You just have to go to the Preference page and submit your personal infos. Then, browsing the tickets, you can vote for your favorite tickets by clicking on Up-vote or Down-vote arrows.

By looking at report {34}, you'll see the results of the votes..

See also:

  • {32} report for opened tickets ranked by popularity (computed from the ticket activity)
  • {33} similar report, but for popular tickets that have been implemented
  • TracIdeas/ pages, for suggesting specific small fixes not worthy of a full-fledged ticket
Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.