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We need a means of grouping tickets, so that a high level system requirement can flow down to manageable sized implementation tickets. This functionality can support this.

Features Trac Users Badly Want

This list will be highly subjective; one users killer feature is another users irrelevancy. Regardless, hopefully we can get some useful information out of it.

Here's where you can vote! Two ways to do it:

  • you can vote for a particular plugin/functionality to be added
  • or you can vote for a ticket to be solved

Vote for your prefered plugin/functionality


  • enter your username or email when editing this page (all anonymous changes will be deleted)
  • feel free to add your plugin/functionality in an alphabetical order
  • only add +1 for your vote: these pages are monitored by Trac users and adding 100 to your favorite plugin will be quickly detected. So don't waste your and others time with such a behaviour.
Plugin and/or functionality Votes Related bugs
AccountManager 3 -
MasterTicket 3 #31, #886
Multi (projects/repositories) support 7 #130, #2086

Vote for a ticket to be solved

You just have to go to the Preference page and submit your personal infos. Then, browsing the tickets, you can vote for your favorite tickets by clicking on Up-vote or Down-vote arrows.

See also: {32}

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.