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Developers' Corner

A blackboard for ideas related to future directions

This page is for drafting long term ideas and share the vision the Trac developers have about the future directions of the project.

See also those related resources:

  • for the actual coordination of on-going tasks, see TracDev/ToDo (release oriented)
  • TracDev/ScratchPad (topic/module oriented)
  • have a sneak preview of cboos' next steps (cboos oriented ;-) )
  • see the topics currently proposed for the next major versions in 1.1.

Thanks to our editorial freedom, this page has also been hijacked by potential contributors asking questions or raising concerns… for example:


  • Tutorials
    • cover basic things like - read option, show page
  • Debugging Tools
    • request tracer - see how request is going to be processed (or was processed), which extension points were polled in which order and optionally with which params

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