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Documentation Trac Users Badly Want

This page collects documentation topics that users want, and are not sufficiently covered by the TracGuide. It was triggered by this message, and should provide a starting point for people who want to contribute documentation to the Trac project.

Vote for a topic, or add your own


  • Enter your username or email when editing this page. Anonymous changes will be deleted.
  • Feel free to add your topic in an alphabetical order.
  • Only add +1 for your vote: these pages are monitored by Trac users and adding 100 to your favorite topic will be quickly detected. So don't waste your and others' time with such a behaviour.
Topic Votes Related tickets


  • If a contributor wants to start working on a topic, I suggest she opens a new ticket for tracking progress and collecting feedback.
  • The "Related tickets" column should reference tickets showing that the topic is badly understood by users. Once work on a topic has begun, the tracking ticket should also be mentioned here.
Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.