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Trac Roadmap

This is the roadmap for Trac development and releases. It serves to give an overview on what where we're heading and what we wish Trac to become.

Note: This page is not a detailed list of upcoming changes and enhancements. The purpose is more to givea big-picture perspective on where we're going.

For a complete list of issues ordered per scheduled release, see report {6}.

See also: FeatureRequests


0.5 'Incognito'

  • First public release
  • Open Source project published
  • Mailing list available


  • Bugfix releases and minor feature improvements
  • More and better(?) documentation (TracGuide)

0.6 'Solanum'

  • RSS support
  • Full search capability.
  • Advanced reports, colored, grouped.
  • RestructuredText support.
  • Much more polished.
  • No database changes.

0.6.1 '245 Trioxin'

  • Bug fixes, minor improvements
  • Improved ease-of-installation

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0.7 'Fulci'

  • Major changes to database. Automatic upgrades. #193.
  • Ticket attachments. #27.
  • Optional standalone mode (tracd). #192.
  • Email notification and integration. #14.

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0.8 'Qualia'

  • 'Binary' packages for Debian, Red Hat, Windows, OSX.
  • Support for mod_python.

0.9 'Vodun'

  • Web configuration module

1.0 'Romero'

  • Branchpoint for 2.0 development
  • First edition of the TracGuide complete


  • Support for other SCM systems (svk, arch?)
  • Incorporate alien technology

See also: TracProject, HowToContribute, TracGuide

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.