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May 2, 2010, 9:22:25 PM (12 years ago)
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Give an overview and an explanation of the role of the various milestones we have


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    33You'll find there the currently opened Milestones, but you can use the filter panel at the upper right corner of the page to select "closed milestones" to get an overview of the whole project's life.
     5A short summary of what you'll find there:
     6 - Milestones corresponding to **major** releases:
     7   - [milestone:0.12] - the upcoming major release (May 2010)
     8   - [milestone:0.13] - the next major release (December 2010)
     9   - [milestone:next-major-0.1X] - pool of tickets relevant for one of the next major feature releases
     10 - Milestones corresponding to **minor** releases:
     11   - [milestone:0.12.1] - the next maintenance release for 0.12.x
     12   - [milestone:next-minor-0.12.x] - pool of tickets relevant for one of the next minor maintenance releases
     13   - [milestone:] - micro release for the previous stable release branch (will be the last on 0.11.x)
     14 - Milestones which don't correspond to a Trac release:
     15   - [milestone:triaging] - ticket that have to be triaged to other milestones
     16   - [milestone:unscheduled] - tickets corresponding to valid issues or feature requests but in which the Trac developers have no interest
     17   - [[milestone:not applicable]] - tickets which relate to Trac, but not directly to a release
     18   - [milestone:translations] - tickets used to coordinate the ongoing translation effort
     19   - Some plugins are maintained here:
     20     - [[milestone:plugin - mercurial]]
     21     - [[milestone:plugin - spam-filter]]
     22''Once the triaging milestone is emptied (i.e. all tickets from the former 1.0 and 2.0 milestone are dispatched to either next-major or unscheduled), we could use ''triaging'' as the default milestone for newly created tickets, which should be more useful than the "empty" milestone currently used for this role.''
    524Note that the planned release dates are not bounding, they should only be taken as an estimation.