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delete the "delete" notice, as that page is part of the default wiki pages and is useful both as the main pointer to TracHacks and for mentioning plugins not hosted on TracHacks.


A list of plugins, for your perusal. This is only an indicative list of the existing plugins. Many more plugins can be found on TracHacks, the community site for hosting and managing Trac plugin development.

Most of these require Trac 0.9 or later, although some have special requirements (branches, patches, etc.).



  • WebAdminofficial web administration interface for Trac



Continuous Integration

Code Documentation

  • DoxygenPlugin — Doxygen is a documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, Python, IDL (Corba and Microsoft flavors) and to some extent PHP, C#, and D.
  • PerlDocPlugin — Perl pod
  • PyDocPlugin — Python (uses pydoc directly)

File Management

  • TracDown — A plugin for listing released downloads
  • TracDownloader — Another download plug-in with graph statistics, optional questionnaire and easy web configuration, for Trac 0.9, 0.10 and 0.11!


Ticket System Extensions



User Management

Version Control Systems

Wiki Macros/Extensions

User feedback and discussions

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