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Nov 10, 2004, 6:05:28 PM (18 years ago)
pkou <pkou at ua.fm>

Resolution moved has been moved to separate ticket #905


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    1414List of attachments:
    15  * '''patch-newworkflow-r1034.diff''': Source code patch for Trac;
     15 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1040.diff''': Source code patch for Trac;
    1616 * '''closedticket.png''': Updated icon for closed tickets in timeline;
    1717 * '''resolvedticket.png''': New icon for resolved tickets in timeline;
    124124     * Status ''resolved'' is used by QA for testing;
    125125     * Status ''verified'' is used by Release Manager for releasing a product.
    126    * New resolution status ''moved'' added.  It is used when a ticket is moved from one project to another;
    127      * ''What does this have to do with the workflow system? It looks like a totally separate concern to me, and should probably me moved into a separate ticket/patch.'' -- ChristopherLenz
    128126   * New field ''qaowner'' added to ''components''.  It defines QA engineer that is responsible for a component:
    129127     * Command '''trac-admin component add''' modified so that ''qaowner'' can be specified.  If it is omitted, then ''qaowner'' equals to ''owner'';
    185183== Patch History ==
     185 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1034.diff''': Patch that includes one more non-related change (see #905 for details).  There are no more changes to remove! :-)
    187186 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1016.diff''': Patch that includes one more non-related change (see #892 for more details).  Also, this patch has merge conflicts with current codebase.  Also, this patch does not contain support for separate icon for reopened/retested tickets.
    188187 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1008.diff''': Patch that includes non-related to workflow changes.  They have been removed in favour of #877, #878, #879, and #880.