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Nov 3, 2004, 8:25:24 PM (17 years ago)

New patch that fixes bug in query screen.


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    1313List of attachments:
    14  * '''patch-newworkflow-r1003.diff''': Source code patch for Trac;
     14 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1008.diff''': Source code patch for Trac;
    1515 * '''closedticket.png''': Updated icon for closed tickets in timeline;
    1616 * '''resolvedticket.png''': New icon for resolved tickets in timeline;
    183183     * For lists ''Component'', ''Milestone'', and ''Version'', new choice '''(empty)''' is available for selection;
    184184     * For edit fields like ''Assigned To'', ''Keywords'', etc, value '''(empty)''' should be entered;
    185      * '''Note''': This feature has not been implemented for custom fields.
     185     * This feature is implemented bot for standard and custom fields.
     186   * Fixed bug: If query is performed on standard and custom fields simultaneously, then tickets with not defined custom fields have been dropped from the query;
    186187   * Field ''Resolution'' is enabled for selection when user does not select statuses ''new'', ''assigned'', or ''reopened'' for a query.
    200201Proposed implementation has been tested and it is ready for using.  However, the following further enhancements are visible:
    201202 * Roadmap and Milestone enhancement: In progress line, display amount of defects separately by every status.  For example, ''Active Tickets'' include statuses ''new'', ''assigned'', ''reopened'', and ''resolved''.  Different colors can be used for these statuses on a progress bar so that user sees where is the delay in active tickets.  The same is applied to ''Completed Tickets'', where different colors can be used for ''verified'' and ''closed'' tickets.
    202  * Query enhancement: Allow filtering by empty values for custom fields.
    203203 * Ticket auto-assignment enhancement: Add owner for ''version'' records. It can be used when ''component'' and ''milestone'' do not have owners.  This allows defining responsibilities for released versions of a product.
    204204 * Ticket workflow enhancement: Add status ''testing'' for QA.  It is similar to ''assigned'' but it is used for testing.  This is important for the projects where testing of a ticket takes significant amount of time and it is necessary to track testing progress in details.
    205205 * Ticket workflow enhancement: Add status ''unconfirmed'' for new tickets.  This status is used as the initial status for a ticket is user-reporter does not belong to some "core" team.  It can be configured via additional permission TICKET_CREATE_NEW.
     207== Patch History ==
     209 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1003.diff''': Original patch.  It the patch, Advanced Query screen does not allow to query by empty values in custom fields;