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Nov 25, 2004, 2:31:33 PM (17 years ago)
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    1414List of attachments:
    15  * '''patch-newworkflow-r1064.diff''': Source code patch for Trac;
    16  * '''closedticket.png''': Updated icon for closed tickets in timeline;
    17  * '''resolvedticket.png''': New icon for resolved tickets in timeline;
    18  * '''reopenedticket.png''': New icon for reopened/retested tickets in timeline;
     15 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1098.diff''': Source code patch for Trac (synchronized with [milestone:0.8 latest milestone]);
     16 * '''resolvedticket-2.png''': New icon for resolved tickets in timeline;
     17 * '''reopenedticket-2.png''': New icon for reopened/retested tickets in timeline;
    1918 * '''trac-enh-workflow.gif''': State chart diagram for new workflow.
    9796   1. Refresh source code tree from http://svn.edgewall.com/repos/trac/trunk;
    9897   1. Apply attached patch;
    99    1. Add attached files {{{closedticket.png}}}, {{{resolvedticket.png}}}, and {{{reopenedticket.png}}} to directory {{{htdocs}}};
     98   1. Copy attached file {{{resolvedticket-2.png}}} to {{{htdocs/resolvedticket.png}}}
     99   1. Copy attached file {{{reopenedticket-2.png}}} to {{{htdocs/reopenedticket.png}}};
    100100   1. Install Trac by running {{{setup.py install}}}
    101101 1. Upgrade every project by running {{{trac-admin project-path upgrade}}};
    183183   * New statuses are taken into account when information is downloaded in ''iCalendar'' format.
    185  * Files {{{htdocs/css/timeline.css}}}, {{{htdocs/closedticket.png}}}, {{{trac/Timeline.py}}}, {{{templates/timeline_rss.cs}}}, {{{templates/timeline.cs}}}; Added {{{htdocs/resolvedticket.png}}}, {{{htdocs/reopenedticket.png}}}:
     185 * Files {{{htdocs/css/timeline.css}}}, {{{trac/Timeline.py}}}, {{{templates/timeline_rss.cs}}}, {{{templates/timeline.cs}}}; Added {{{htdocs/resolvedticket.png}}}, {{{htdocs/reopenedticket.png}}}:
    186186   * The ''resolved'' and ''verified'' tickets added to timeline when new workflow is used;
    187187   * ''Milestone owner'' is retrieved from database for RSS;
    188    * New icons are used for ''resolved'', ''closed'', and ''reopened''/''retested'' tickets in timeline.
     188   * New icons are used for ''resolved'' and ''reopened''/''retested'' tickets in timeline.
    190190 * File {{{trac/WikiFormatter.py}}}:
    202202== Patch History ==
     204 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1064.diff''': Patch is not synchronized with milestone:0.8.  Also, new icons for resolved and reopened tickets have been added in order to have similar look with latest Trac icons.  The icon for closed tickets does not need to be changed.
    204205 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1040.diff''': Patch that does not include refactoring in {{{Ticket.py}}} in order to support customized workflows.
    205206 * '''patch-newworkflow-r1034.diff''': Patch that includes one more non-related change (see #905 for details).  There are no more changes to remove! :-)
    220221Here are some references to similar customizability efforts that were or are ongoing for bugzilla, and might be worth a read:
    221222 * [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37613 #37613] "Accept bug" or "Take bug" functionality. See in particular [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37613#c39 comment 39].
     223   *  I would like to argue against table-based approach for ticket workflows.  Yes, they can be powerful but setting up the tables require significant effort that needs to be duplicated for every project.  It is a nightmare job from my experience of using proprietary defect tracking systems.  Also, the proposal in Bugzilla is not complete because it does not use entity '''action''', which should describe necessary changes in status and optionally other fields.  ''-- pkou''
    222224 * [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=94534 #94534] Customised resolutions.
     225   * It seems that the issue with customized resolutions needs to be moved to separate thread.  See #905 as an example. ''-- pkou''