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Now, it's still allowed to create tickets…

Important: Read This Before Creating a Ticket

You are about to file a ticket against Trac.

Please note that this is not a demo or test system. Rather, it is used for the development of Trac itself. If you'd like to see how Trac works, either download and install it locally, or check the unofficial demo site.

Support and installation questions should be asked on the mailing list or IRC channel, not filed as tickets. Also, please check whether the issue you've encountered has been reported before.

For us to be able to help you and resolve your issue as fast as possible, please check the new ticket guidelines to make sure you're not leaving out some vital information.

When to not create a ticket here

Due to some ambiguous spelling on old error pages, Trac users were directed to create a ticket on this site whenever an internal error occurred in the Trac site they're using. If you're not the administrator of the Trac site, please don't create a ticket here but rather inform your Trac administrator about the problem (he's the only one able to fix it anyway).

Also, if you have an issue with other some software (Pidgin, MacPorts, etc.) for which the development is managed using Trac, be careful to create a ticket on their own instance of Trac, not here (which is the Trac for Trac itself).

Finally, if the problem concerns a Trac plugin , there is no point in creating a ticket on this site either. You should rather report it to the plugin's maintainer (for example, on http://trac-hacks.org if the plugin is hosted there - in this case, don't forget to specify the right component for the plugin, or the plugin maintainer won't notice).

Now you're a Trac administrator, you've found a genuine bug in Trac, then there's a good chance you're not the first person to notice it… Please take the time to search for an already existing ticket. A good tip is to look for the verbatim text of the error you're seeing, e.g.

Alternatively, you can directly look at the list of open issues using a custom query, e.g. known issues for 0.11dev grouped by component.

The advantage of finding a pre-existing ticket is that there's often an existing workaround, or a patch waiting for feedback. In this case, please take the next step and participate at the bug fixing.

Yes, I think I've found a new bug

Then please, by all means let us know!

If you haven't done it before, read the NewTicketGuidelines which will give you some tips about how to create a good bug report. Then proceed to create the bug report.

Of course, improvements ideas (preferably with patches!) are also welcomed, and you can also create enhancement requests.

And please, please, don't create test tickets, we prefer spending our time improving Trac rather than fighting spam. Thanks for your comprehension.

— The TracTeam

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.