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Oct 10, 2008, 9:47:33 AM (14 years ago)
Christian Boos

link to multirepos cache design doc


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    1212 - r6465: initial "release" of the branch, ''worksforme''
    1313 - r6469: a few bug fixes
     14 - r7590: current version is quite good ;-)
    1516The approach is quite simple: beyond repository connectors, there's now repository providers (IRepositoryProvider components) which are responsible for make available a list of named repositories. That name can be arbitrary (in particular, it may contain '/' to denote a pseudo-hierarchy) and will be used as a prefix for any repository path.
    8889 - currently, a "default" repository (the one defined in the `[trac]` section) ''needs'' to be defined, otherwise the versioncontrol modules are disabled
    8990 - ~~fix AJAX query in annotate~~
    90  - extend to cached repositories
    9191 - IRepositoryProvider must have a way to signal new content, in order to rebuild the repository name cache
    9292 - support the `.url` repository metadata (#1781)
    9898   It would be quite useful to be able to do so, and it's doable without much work
    9999   (only need to compare folders in a backend neutral way, we already do our own diff at the file level)
    100  - major feature (blocker): make the cache work again.
     100 - extend to '''cached repositories''', see MultipleRepositorySupport/Cache. [[br]]
    101101   In a first step, the existing cache could be adapted to simply handle more than one repository. [[br]]
    102102   Bonus points if that cache is smart enough to handle multiple scoped repositories without data duplication. [[br]]
    123123Thanks :-)
     125=== Known Issues ===