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Sep 10, 2008, 10:33:27 AM (14 years ago)
Christian Boos

answer to questions from #6665 here


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    8787   - !SvnParentDirRepositoryProvider, for listing all the Subversion repositories present in a given folder
    88  - currently, a default repository ''needs'' to be defined, otherwise the versioncontrol modules are disabled
     88 - currently, a "default" repository (the one defined in the `[trac]` section) ''needs'' to be defined, otherwise the versioncontrol modules are disabled
    8989 - ~~fix AJAX query in annotate~~
    9090 - extend to cached repositories
    102102   Bonus points if that cache is smart enough to handle multiple scoped repositories without data duplication. [[br]]
    103103   A second (much) more ambitious step would be to generalize the cache so that it can support other (d)vcs.
     105=== Other Open Points ===
     107taken from #6665:
     108> A few comments / questions
     110> 1. How can I get the name in the ''Repository Index'' to keep the case in the name? It is converted to lower case.
     112ConfigParser limitation.
     114> 2. Since you use the init tag as the name to show in the ''Repository Index'', it seems I cannot have a period in the name of the repository as shown.
     116Also related to the way the the .ini keys are read. It would be possible to look first for the ending `.dir` part and then get the name.
     118> 3. I get a ''default'' in the ''Repository Index'', as well as that same repository listed in the previous single repository manner. I think that when the multiple repositories are listed, and one of them is the same as the trac repository_dir, it does not need to be listed twice or three times.
     120Yes, known issue, currently it's not possible to get rid of the "default" repository, specified in `[trac]` (see [#TODO]). What you suggest is that aliases (even aliases for the `[trac] repository_dir`) shouldn't be listed, I think that's acceptable, but there should be an easy way to learn about the defined aliases, maybe they can be listed at the bottom of the toplevel page.
     122> Other than that, so far this is going to meet my needs quite nicely. Thanks!
     123Thanks :-)