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Added notes about workflow and localized guide

Missing translations and i18n support

By module


  • For Priorities, Ticket Types, Resolutions, Severities:
    • Note that for Milestones and Versions the template file contains separate messages, so they are translatable.


  • In view milestone and in roadmap, the "Active" and "Closed" words (referring the ticket counts) are not translatable.


  • The "comment" in "comment:N" permalink.
    • (cboos) Well, if we had "comment N" I'd agree, but as we spell it comment:N to hint about the TracLinks syntax for comments, I don't think we should translate this.


  • "Ticket" and "Created" headers in the reports table.

Unnecessary strings

This strings probably unchanged in all translations:

#: trac/templates/about.html:38
msgid "COPYING"

#: trac/templates/about.html:44
msgid "http://trac.edgewall.org/"

#: trac/templates/error.html:227
msgid "TracGuide"

(rblank) I don't know if we can actually prevent those from being extracted from templates.

(mikko.rantalainen) I'd hope that e.g. Finnish translation would eventually point to "TracGuideFi" to get Finnish guide instead of guide in English. Perhaps Trac would someday have a localized copies of the license (with a disclaimer that only the English version is official) and localized web pages…


The ConfigurableWorkflow plugin (used by default) leaks the ticket status labels which cannot be easily localized. All new tickets will always get "new" status and all closed tickets are expected to get "closed" status (as opposed to e.g. "suljettu" in Finnish). I think a reasonable fix for this would be localization strings to contain status translations for generic workflow terms to get localized status messages.

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