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note about comment:N

Missing translations and i18n support

By module


  • For Priorities, Ticket Types, Resolutions, Severities:
    • Note that for Milestones and Versions the template file contains separate messages, so they are translatable.


  • In view milestone and in roadmap, the "Active" and "Closed" words (referring the ticket counts) are not translatable.


  • The "comment" in "comment:N" permalink.
    • (cboos) Well, if we had "comment N" I'd agree, but as we spell it comment:N to hint about the TracLinks syntax for comments, I don't think we should translate this.


  • "Ticket" and "Created" headers in the reports table.

Unnecessary strings

This strings probably unchanged in all translations:

#: trac/templates/about.html:38
msgid "COPYING"

#: trac/templates/about.html:44
msgid "http://trac.edgewall.org/"

#: trac/templates/error.html:227
msgid "TracGuide"

(rblank) I don't know if we can actually prevent those from being extracted from templates.

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