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i added needless strings issue

Missing translations and i18n support


Date utils

  • The error received when entering an invalid date (e.g. for a milestone) is not translatable:
    Error: Invalid Date
    "18.02.2010" is an invalid date, or the date format is not known. Try "MM/DD/YYYY" instead.


  • When adding already existing enum, it's type is not translatable in the error message.


  • The title "Configuration Error" is not translatable.

To recreate the problem I changed this in trac.ini:

max_size = ddd262144

And tried to upload an attachment.


  • Milestone milestone completed


  • Number of matches in reports view. Example:
    (2 matches)
  • "Ticket" and "Created" headers in the reports table.


  • When editing a comment, three buttons are shown. Titles (<input … title="") of two of them — "Preview" and "Submit changes" — are not translatable.
  • Two buttons are show next to every comment — "Reply" and "Edit". Titles (<input … title="") of them both are not translatable.


Version(s) deletion

  • When trying to delete version(s) of wiki pages, on the confirmation page buttons "Delete this version" and "Delete those versions" are not translatable.
  • On the same page, the words in italics are not translatable too:

    Delete version(s) 2 to 7 of WikiStart

    Are you sure you want to delete versions 2 to 7 of this page?

Page deletion

  • When trying to completely delete a page, on the confirmation page the button "Delete page" is not translatable.
  • On the same page the word in italics is not translatable:

    Are you sure you want to completely delete this page?

Unnecessary strings

This strings probably unchanged in all translations:

#: trac/templates/about.html:38
msgid "COPYING"

#: trac/templates/about.html:44
msgid "http://trac.edgewall.org/"

#: trac/templates/error.html:227
msgid "TracGuide"

#: trac/templates/macros.html:161
#, fuzzy, python-format
msgid "%(title)s %(unit)s:"
msgid_plural "%(title)s %(units)s:"

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.