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From http://www.ironpython.com/

IronPython is a new Python implementation targeting the .NET and Mono platforms. It is…

  • Fast - IronPython-0.6 is up to 1.7x faster than Python-2.3 on the standard pystone benchmark. An early performance report is are contained in this paper for PyCon 2004.
  • Integrated with the Common Language Runtime - IronPython code can easily use CLR libraries and Python classes can extend CLR classes.
  • Fully dynamic - IronPython supports an interactive interpreter and transparent on-the-fly compilation of source files just like standard Python.
  • Optionally static - IronPython also supports static compilation of Python code to produce static executables (.exe's) that can be run directly or static libraries (.dll's) that can be called from other CLR languages including C#, VB, managed C++ and many more. Note: static compilation is only partially implemented in the 0.6 public release. This will need further development before being useful.
  • Managed and verifiable - IronPython generates verifiable assemblies with no dependencies on native libraries that can run in environments which require verifiable managed code.
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