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Installation issues should not be reported as defects

If you have been directed to this page, it is likely that we closed your ticket with a wontfix or invalid resolution. We did so because our policy is to use this bug tracker exclusively for tracking bug reports (defects) or enhancement requests (enhancements) but not for troubleshooting installation issues.

The most important reasons for this are:

  • this is distracting us from doing real development on Trac. Unless proven otherwise, the fact that you had some trouble installing or configuring the software is not indicative of a bug; though it does happen, it's not the most common situation.
  • you'll reach a wider audience on the Trac-user MailingList and will likely prompt someone who faced the same issue to help you go through; if that does happen, then also monitor the Trac-users mailinglist yourself and give back some of your time if you know how to help someone else!

Support and installation questions should be asked on the mailing list or IRC channel, not filed as tickets. Also, please check whether the issue you've encountered has been reported before, either in this Trac or in past Trac-users mails.

For example:


See also: PluginIssue, WrongTrac

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