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We Need Your Help!

There are many ways in which you can become involved in the Trac project. Even if you are not a programmer, there are ways that you can benefit from Trac and ways to help make Trac more useful to yourself and others.

You can also find out what's going on in the community by joining the MailingList, where Trac users and developers share information about the project and discuss freely and openly.

If you are interested in "live" communication with the TracTeam, contributors and users, you might be interested in the IrcChannel.

User Feedback

To make Trac better, we need user and developer feedback. Even if you're not a programmer, bug reports, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.

For bug reports and feature requests, we recommend filing a new ticket in the issue database once you've made sure there's not already existing tickets for those.

By the way, you can also assist the Trac team by helping to do ticket triaging, most notably by finding duplicate issues and squashing invalid tickets.

Code Contributions

Naturally, contributions in source code form are more than welcome.

See TracDev for resources about Trac development, in particular TracDev/SubmittingPatches and TracDev/CodingStyle and check the SubversionRepository page for details concerning access to the code (via svn, or hg or git mirrors).

The following tickets may be good starting points:

  • bitesized tickets (small work items, ideal for new contributors to dive into the code)
  • helpwanted tickets (tickets which are looking for contributors)
  • review tickets (peer review requested)
  • documentation tickets (things that need to be better documented)

To see what are the hot issues, have a look at the ToDo lists and don't forget to look at the Roadmap.

Documentation Contributions

The authoritative version of the TracGuide as distributed with the software is an integral part of this Trac's wiki. Like any other page, they can be edited, clarified and enhanced in any way you seem fit. The changes you make there will be reviewed and most likely integrated in the repository and be part of the next "official" guide.

If you think that a large rewrite of a page would be even more appropriate and you are willing to do this effort, maybe start first with a new page, named like TheTracGuidePage/Discussion, where you can draft the change and gather feedback from other contributors.

Translation Contributions

Starting with the upcoming 0.12 release, Trac will be available in your language. Help find the right terms and contribute to the translation effort!

See details in TracL10N and TracGuideTranslations.


Trac is extensible in a variety of ways. For example, you can add WikiMacros. The MacroBazaar is a good place to share them, as is the Trac Hacks site.

Starting at version 0.9, you can also extend Trac with custom plugins. See TracDev/PluginDevelopment for more information. Again, Trac Hacks is a good place for sharing your plugins.

See also: TracProject, MailingList, IrcChannel, TracTeam

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.