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Optional component which makes it possible to easily add new permissions to a Trac environment. These can be used for example in configurable TracWorkflows, when one wants to add a permission specific to a transition, via the .permissions key.

To add new permissions, create a new section [extra-permissions] in trac.ini. Every entry in that section defines a meta-permission and a comma-separated list of permissions. For example:

extra_admin = extra_view, extra_modify, extra_delete

This entry will define three new permissions EXTRA_VIEW, EXTRA_MODIFY and EXTRA_DELETE, as well as a meta-permission EXTRA_ADMIN that grants all three permissions.

If you don't want a meta-permission, start the meta-name with an underscore (_):

_perms = extra_view, extra_modify

See also: #9392, config_perm_provider.py

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